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become reconciled with (someone or something)

To forgive, accept, or make peace with someone, something, or some situation. I haven't spoken to my brother in 10 years, but I still hope to become reconciled with him some day.
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reconcile (oneself) to (something)

To accept or come to terms with something one must deal with, especially an undesirable, difficult, or troubling situation or set of circumstances. We had finally reconciled ourselves to a life without children, when against all odds Linda managed to become pregnant! I've reconciled myself to never truly loving my job.
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reconcile with (someone or something)

1. To forgive, accept, or make peace with someone. I haven't spoken to my brother in 10 years, but I still hope to reconcile with him some day. Is there any hope of reconciling with your wife, or is the marriage truly beyond repair?
2. To cause or compel someone to forgive, accept, or make peace with someone else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reconcile" and "with." We brought Tom up to New York to reconcile him with Sarah once and for all. Becoming a mother really helped reconcile me with my own mom, because I finally understood so much of what she was going through back then.
3. To make two or more things compatible, consistent, acceptable, or harmonious. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reconcile" and "with." The film has a hard time reconciling it's bizarre, off-the-walls plot with its incredibly serious tone and characterizations. I'm trying to reconcile the numbers in the financial statements you've provided with the transactions recorded in your accounts.
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reconcile oneself to something

to grow to feel comfortable with an undesirable or challenging situation. John reconciled himself to living alone. Anne reconciled herself to having to wear glasses.
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reconcile something with something

to bring something into harmony, accord, or balance with something. The accountants were not able to reconcile the expense claims with the receipts that had been turned in. I can't reconcile your story with those of the other witnesses.
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The reconciled version, however, contains a 69:31 ratio between the two products.
* Budget basis of accounting and budget/GAAP reporting differences not otherwise reconciled in the financial statements (section 1700 and section 2400, paragraphs .104 and .113-.123).
"'Be Reconciled' Day is a wonderful opportunity to share in God's love by receiving the mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
However, the police have registered FIR against the affected women and his associates also under fake video and phone call so that the affected women can be reconciled to harassment.
The researchers found that 67.3, 10.6, and 22.1 percent of the 261,765 reconciliation assessment periods contributed by 31,689 patients had some, all, or none of the diabetes medications reconciled, respectively.
Being reconciled with others is being reconciled with ourselves.
While speaking to media outside the court she said, 'For the sake of my son, I had reconciled with my husband despite all our differences.
I remember vividly how Asiwaju in cohort with General Shehu Musa Yaradua of blessed memory and host of others reconciled similar impasse in the 90s with Chief MKO Abiola at Alhaji Kwande's residence in Jos during the Social Democracy Party (SDP) primaries.
Furthermore, these figures are authenticated and reconciled not only with State Bank
Through His reconciling with sinners, they are given chances to become trustworthy, not because God needs to trust them before reconciling, but because now that they are reconciled, they can grow in relationship with Him through a life that demonstrates a restored relationship with Him.
When Dr John and General Salva administratively disagreed in 2004, the whole SPLM/SPLA leaders brought them to Rumbek and were happily reconciled. That saved the Movement, the people South Sudan and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA, which gave us our freedom and independence.
It isn't far-fetched to believe that Garner and Affleck have reconciled after time apart.
This is what Easter is about, Man being reconciled to his father God through what Jesus accomplished that first Easter.
Ultimately, the risk ranking of the account determines how often the account is reconciled (e.g., monthly, quarterly) as well as the due date of the reconciliation (e.g., business day 6).