reconcile with

reconcile with (someone or something)

1. To forgive, accept, or make peace with someone. I haven't spoken to my brother in 10 years, but I still hope to reconcile with him some day. Is there any hope of reconciling with your wife, or is the marriage truly beyond repair?
2. To cause or compel someone to forgive, accept, or make peace with someone else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reconcile" and "with." We brought Tom up to New York to reconcile him with Sarah once and for all. Becoming a mother really helped reconcile me with my own mom, because I finally understood so much of what she was going through back then.
3. To make two or more things compatible, consistent, acceptable, or harmonious. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "reconcile" and "with." The film has a hard time reconciling it's bizarre, off-the-walls plot with its incredibly serious tone and characterizations. I'm trying to reconcile the numbers in the financial statements you've provided with the transactions recorded in your accounts.
See also: reconcile

reconcile something with something

to bring something into harmony, accord, or balance with something. The accountants were not able to reconcile the expense claims with the receipts that had been turned in. I can't reconcile your story with those of the other witnesses.
See also: reconcile
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One might ask why God wants to reconcile with sinners if He already knows the future.
Sometimes," he said, "I see that certain people realize that God is quick to reconcile with a repentant sinner.
Second, people who desire to emulate God's forgiving love and reconcile with the offender should not be advised to reconcile so quickly as God does.
The veteran actor posted: "I can reconcile with my mind.
She said if she could reconcile with a person from another race that was responsible for the killing of her daughter, how come such courage to forgive would be difficult between South Sudanese tribes who share the same race and destiny?
Iraq's government said Monday it would not reconcile with members of Al-Qaeda or anyone who has killed Iraqis, but suggested it was open to talks with those who had fought American forces, Reuters reported.
Khuzai said in April that Baghdad was hoping to reconcile with any members of the Islamic State of Iraq, al-Qaeda's front group in the country, who do not have blood on their hands.
I think Mullah Omar, who provided a safe haven and a base from which Osama bin Laden could train terrorists who eventually killed thousands of Americans, is not somebody we are prepared to reconcile with," Pentagon spokesperson, Geoff Morrell said.
Observing ultimately it is the Afghan government who has to make determinations of these things, Morrell said: "We as a government do not believe that Mullah Omar is somebody you reconcile with.
I feel it is time for the church to reconcile with married priests," said the 76-year-old archbishop, who has recently rejoined his wife, according to the Associated Press.
Reconcile with a deceased father, or bring closure if both parties are not interested in recommitting.
Foreign companies wishing to issue securities in a local securities market would reconcile their home country financial statements to international standards but would not be required to reconcile with local accounting principles.
1) Because of differences in tranlating current E&P and dividends, the total unappropriate E&P requested on Schedule G is probably a fictitious number and would not reconcile with the taxpayer's financial statements or accumulated E&P under section 902 or 964.