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recompense for (something)

1. noun Payment or other compensation made (to someone), as for some service or as reparation for something. The government offered the land as recompense for the atrocities it had committed against the indigenous people years prior. They wanted to give me a high-end computer as recompense for the work I did for them.
2. verb To give payment or other compensation to someone, as for some service rendered or as a repayment or reparation for something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "recompense" and "for." The company agreed to recompense all employees for any health issues they experienced as a result of the radioactive leak. We'd be willing to recompense you for your services with shares in our company.
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recompense someone for something

to (re)pay someone for something. I am required to recompense Mrs. Wilson for her broken window. Can I recompense you for your expenses?
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It is good news that the Fullers have been recompensed but worrying that an insurer should take what is clearly an unreasonable stance.
There followed a hell of a to-ing and fro-ing and discussion before it was decided Fiona should be recompensed for her mackerel salad.
I'M so pleased for the people who lost their work pensions, as they will now be properly recompensed.
The USA has never apologised, or recompensed for the Boston tea party.
But an afternoon in the company of John Barrett should leave Sue amply recompensed.
Benson Bobrick reports in Angel in the Whirlwind (1997) that many of the so-called mercenaries were recompensed personally with little more than their rations, though their princelings received some seven million pounds.
The consortium believes that it should be recompensed, at least, for its expenditure on its bid since last August, when the Lottery Commission initially indicated that it was the preferred bidder.