recompense for

recompense someone for something

to (re)pay someone for something. I am required to recompense Mrs. Wilson for her broken window. Can I recompense you for your expenses?
References in classic literature ?
The Partridge earnestly begged him to spare his life, saying, "Pray, master, permit me to live and I will entice many Partridges to you in recompense for your mercy to me.
They have here two harvests in the year, which is a sufficient recompense for the small produce of each; one harvest they have in the winter, which lasts through the months of July, August, and September, the other in the spring; their trees are always green, and it is the fault of the inhabitants that they produce so little fruit, the soil being well adapted to all sorts, especially those that come from the Indies.
Monsieur," said the king, "what do you wish that I should give you, as a recompense for this devotedness and probity?
That there are, upon record, trials at law in which damages have been sought as a poor recompense for lasting agonies and disfigurements inflicted upon children by the treatment of the master in these places, involving such offensive and foul details of neglect, cruelty, and disease, as no writer of fiction would have the boldness to imagine.
Your own recompense for all this, Mr Pancks,' said Clennam, 'ought to be a large one.
Inquiries were made as to how it got there; I was obliged to confess, and in recompense for my cowardice and inhumanity was sent out of the house.
At his request I accompanied him to her quarters, and the look of venomous hatred she cast upon me was almost adequate recompense for any future misfortunes this accidental return to Thark might bring me.
But we may believe that he found some recompense for his Queen's anger in his wife's love.
But grief that could not be soothed filled the heart of Tros; for he knew not whither the heaven-sent whirlwind had caught up his dear son, so that he mourned him always, unceasingly, until Zeus pitied him and gave him high- stepping horses such as carry the immortals as recompense for his son.
He was quite ashamed, after the foregoing reflections, to propose any diminution of so moderate a recompense for the immense service to be rendered.
It is reasonable for them to receive recompense for the work they do but the amount should be determined by an independent body.
He said: "Nothing that I say in the remainder of these sentencing remarks can provide comfort or recompense for Lydia's death; a child is priceless, so the loss of a child is an irredeemable loss.
She said: "In recompense for their appalling treatment and stigmatisation of mental health sufferers, at the very least these large retail outlets should invite mental health voluntary organisations into their stores to raise funds and speak to customers and staff.
Games in which gain serves as recompense for skill and bodily or mental activity, such as tennis, pall-mall, charging the ring, chess, and backgammon, are by nature good and licit forms of recreation.
The union's John Gorle said: "I'm sure our members will be delighted that Usdaw have secured this award but it remains scant recompense for losing your job, especially after many years of loyal service to the company.