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recommend someone as something

to suggest someone as something. Could you recommend Frank as a good carpenter? I can recommend Jane Smith as a good artist.
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recommend someone for something

to suggest someone for something. I would be very glad to recommend you for promotion. She recommended herself as the best choice.
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recommend someone or something to someone

to suggest that someone choose someone or something. I would like to recommend Sally to you as a good prospect for membership on the committee. Could you recommend a good mechanic to me?
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Search context identifies set of properties that influence the success of recommender system.
The social recommender systems have their influence in the last few years because of the growth of the web and its impact.
Such systems are called recommender systems [1, 2], and they mitigate the aforementioned problems to a great extent.
Adomavicius and Tuzhilin (2005) present an overview of the field of recommender systems and describe the current generation of recommendation methods that are usually classified into the following three main categories: content-based, collaborative, and hybrid recommendation approaches.
Recommender systems in education will help in meeting these challenges by providing necessary recommendations to the recommendation seekers.
As Genius is a proprietary system whose secrets are not available to the public, the researchers studied it by testing its song recommendations against comparable song suggestions from experimental music recommender systems that they fully understood.
One recommender system with which many people are familiar is that provided by Amazon.
In general, the accuracy of the predictions made by recommender engines increases as the data pool for estimating item desirability (either explicitly or implicitly) also increases (Breese, Heckerman, & Kadie, 1998).
The names and addresses of (1) any parties who promoted, solicited or recommended the taxpayer's participation in the shelter transaction and who had a financial interest (including the receipt of fees) in the taxpayer's decision to participate and (2) if known to the taxpayer, any parties who advised the promoter, solicitor or recommender with respect to the shelter;
World's largest community of fitness fanatics gets new tools including Route Recommender, Custom Splits and Advanced Heart Rate and Power Analytics
ImpressTV Limited, a leading expert of real-time content recommendations on any device, has acquired the entertainment-based recommender system business line from Gravity R&D and dictates a rapid growth by welcoming Sentiance as a key partner for mobile.
The Virtual World Learning environment will be designed to be fully customisable, multilingual and easily adaptable not only to new threat scenarios, but also to the learning needs of different end users, implementing appropriate context-aware recommender systems.
Recommender systems do not require users to provide specific requirements.
Among the topics are power grid data analysis with R and Hadoop, recommender systems, selecting best features for predicting bank loan default, predicting seabed hardness using random forest in R, and football mining.
Botvich introduce a framework for private recommender service based on Enhanced Middleware for Collaborative Privacy (EMCP).