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self-praise is no recommendation (at all)

1. Praise of oneself is worth nothing, as one cannot be objective of one's own work or accomplishments. So many companies claim to be the best in the business at this or that in their marketing, but self-praise is no recommendation, so I can never take them seriously. A: "This is the best work we've ever done. People are going to absolutely go crazy for it!" B: "Self-praise is no recommendation at all, Jim. We'll have to wait and see how it does on the market."
2. Praising oneself reveals one's arrogance or selfishness, which in turn lowers other's opinion of one. He's constantly bragging about how much money he makes and how important his job is, but he doesn't have any friends because no one can stand to be around him! Self-praise is no recommendation, after all. A: "Would you agree that you're one of the best musicians in the world right now?" B: "Self-praise is no recommendation at all, so I don't think it would be very seemly of me to answer that."
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Self-praise is no recommendation.

Prov. If you praise yourself, people will think that you are boastful and will not respect you. After listening to the lawyer brag about his achievements for a solid half hour, I decided I would find someone else to handle my case. Self-praise is no recommendation.
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The representation of learning context and the matching strategies assist to develop the paper-based learning support environment where students are encouraged to extract summaries, post questions, and explore recommendatory messages through mobile phones.
Seats belong to PTV World employees but ministry dishonestly given seats to fake degrees holders, recommendatory and those blue-eyed who given heavy bribe.
As envisaged, the IEMOP had been designated the independent market operator of the WESM; while PEMC is the governing body and also has recommendatory powers over necessary market rules modifications and improvements.
But PDEA spokesman Derrick Carreon said the task force's power was 'purely recommendatory' and its suggestions were subject to the approval of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Points of view may depend on whether one: (a) has a liberal or restrictive view toward PPP; (b) belongs to the government or private sector; (c) if in government, is part of an implementing, audit or a regulatory agency; (d) is the signatory to a contract, a recommendatory authority or only a consultant; (e) is a/an lawyer, economist, environmentalist, oppositionist, academic, practitioner; (f) is a career or elective official; among other perspectives.
The Commission passed the recommendatory orders after careful consideration of the report of its Investigation Division as well as the enquiry report of B.L.
The CII is a constitutional recommendatory body that advises parliament in the law-making process, but cannot enact laws on its own.
The Committee is of the view that before proceeding to enact the Bill, broad consensus should be arrived at." The committee has assured stakeholders that the GST Council will not be given the status of a constitutional body and is being envisaged as a recommendatory body.
The IMSBC Code will replace the Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code), which was first adopted as a recommendatory code in 1965 and has been updated at regular intervals since then.
The decisions of the public council will have a recommendatory nature.
"These votes are merely recommendatory to the JBC (Judicial and Bar Council) who will come up with the official shortlist from which the President will make his appointment," the SC noted.
The cricket committee is a recommendatory body empowered to make recommendations to the PCB on various aspects of the game.
A subsequent 'Addendum' to the Declaration put it bluntly as follows: 'In keeping with the voluntary nature of the Declaration all of its provisions, whether derived from ILO Conventions and Recommendations or other sources, are recommendatory...'
It is not a court but more akin to a Domestic Disciplinary Tribunal whose proceedings are administrative in nature and recommendatory in effect.
It has also said that some of its recommendatory functions need be converted into regulatory powers.
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