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recommend someone as something

to suggest someone as something. Could you recommend Frank as a good carpenter? I can recommend Jane Smith as a good artist.
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recommend someone for something

to suggest someone for something. I would be very glad to recommend you for promotion. She recommended herself as the best choice.
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recommend someone or something to someone

to suggest that someone choose someone or something. I would like to recommend Sally to you as a good prospect for membership on the committee. Could you recommend a good mechanic to me?
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References in classic literature ?
I shall just tell Elizabetha Prokofievna about you, and if she wishes to receive you at once--as I shall advise her--I strongly recommend you to ingratiate yourself with her at the first opportunity, for my wife may be of the greatest service to you in many ways.
The doctor recommends change and amusement for her.
On the contrary, I declare, that to recommend goodness and innocence hath been my sincere endeavour in this history.
Recommend him by the post to-night, and send him off, bag and baggage
What can more exactly answer the rule laid down, to recommend even those representations of things which have so many other just objections leaving against them?
But as this work is chiefly recommended to those who know how to read it, and how to make the good uses of it which the story all along recommends to them, so it is to be hoped that such readers will be more leased with the moral than the fable, with the application than with the relation, and with the end of the writer than with the life of the person written of.
I'd recommend you, in return,' said Joe, looking up with a flushed face, 'not to talk to me.
Riley knew of no other schoolmaster whom he had any ground for recommending in preference; why, then, should be not recommend Stelling?
We recommend that the Welsh Government consider enabling local authorities to retain a proportion of the income they generate from business rates.
We have an editorial rating system: recommend highly, recommend, or average.
found that 63 per cent would recommend independent tour operators to a friend, while 41 per cent would recommend the Tui UK group, which includes Thomson Holidays, 41 per cent would recommended the First Choice group, 35 per cent would recommend the Thomas Cook group and 31 per cent would recommend the My Travel group, which includes Airtours.
In addition, the panel recommends that OSHA carefully study the effects of existing compliance and outreach efforts, such as the Special Emphasis Program on Silica, with a view to better delineating the effects of such efforts.
Providers reported that they would not recommend the male condom to women in a long-term marriage; to those with latex allergies; and to those with a partner who may be uncooperative, accuse them of cheating or threaten abuse.
Although CPAs in Big Five firms are not likely candidates for audit committees due to independence restrictions, they might recommend a retired Big Five partner who would not have the same independence restrictions, or another peer with whom they have a professional acquaintance.