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recollect (oneself)

To become aware of one's immediate situation or purpose after a distraction: recollected myself after the interruption.
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Furthermore, this reduction should be greater in young people than in older people, due to the lower recollective capacity of the latter.
The cue combines with the engram to yield a new, emergent entity--the recollective experience of the rememberer--that differs from either of its constituents.
Central to Augustine's recollective reading of Psalm 4 is his
Only people (or souls) remember neither their brains nor the molecular structures that ground our recollective capacities.
At the beginning of the Paratrimsikavivarana, Abhinavagupta connects the Infinite Other Voice (paravac) to recollective awareness (paramarsa) and the experience of ecstatic wonder (camatkara).
Mawr, as Lawrence completes, edits, or revises those final lines on September 13th with the haunting echo of the incident with his father--recorded for posterity just days earlier in "The Bad Side of Books"--no doubt lingering in his understandably recollective mind.
And the most symbolic proof of the traumas Turkey has experienced, as well as the weight on its recollective powers, becomes evident in the Alevis' support of the CHP despite the Dersim massacres carried out by Mustafa Kemal and ysmet ynE[micro]nE-.
As a mostly biographical work, Lipsitz comments very little on the varying music styles of Otis, which may form a frustrating inaudibility for readers that do not have Otis's varying musical accomplishments at their recollective disposal.
Factors affecting conscious awareness in the recollective experience of adults with Asperger's syndrome.
Poetry wells up only from recollective meditation recollecting [aus der An-dacht des Andenkens].
Emotionality, distinctiveness, and recollective experience.
Since they are invisible, the traces await their unfolding or elucidation or unconcealment--their bringing forth--by the text's interpreter who, as he undertakes this archival work, is required to engage in an anamnesis, indeed in a hypermnesis (a recollection or recollective thinking, as opposed to an amnesia or forgetting), thus deploying a sensibility that is in crucial ways more akin to that of the archeologist's than the mathematician's.
His intent is "neither to reject nor to reclaim the Enlightenment project, but to see how it might be redeemed" through "a recollective rethinking of the inner connection between the Christian tradition and the moral aspirations of the Enlightenment" (2).
What can also be recuperated at this point is compassion for the passing on and away of things, along with a new task for the intellect: recollective, or "rememorative," thinking.
Grof (1988) noted that traditional counseling and therapy, although very useful, are limited to the analytic and recollective (i.