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According to this account, an act of episodic recollection is not subject to epistemic evaluation--it is neither justified nor unjustified--but it can provide one with a distinctive source of warrant for judgments about the past when it is accompanied by knowledge that one is recollecting, as well as knowledge of what one is recollecting.
Long Gone" is a personal memoir of Richard Willis, recollecting growing up on a small Iowan farm during the Great Depression and the oncoming threat of World War II.
Recollecting a story about a fan who asked if his music would make her cry, he said: "Yes.
When it starts happening three or four times in a ballgame, you start thinking back and recollecting,'' Little said.
Refusing to remember, or recollecting obliquely, selectively, the men shrug off the past as indistinct, frustrating Varda's attempts to fill in the story since the initial "narrative," with its maritime evocation of myth (a boy called Ulysses
Recollecting the Arundel Circle: Discovering the Past, Recovering the Future.
Recollecting that his lather was a Roman Decurion, the Italians tried to stake a claim to his nationality, forgetting that the Romans conferred citizenship on their conquered people.
Recollecting the incident in his fraternity dorm room after reading James Baldwin's assertion in Notes of a Native Son that "one may say that the Negro in America does not really exist except in the darkness of our minds," Watkins resolves to circumvent America's longstanding dependence on the color line--at least on an individual level--by rejecting outright the fundamental element by which the line is drawn: the concept of racial essentialism.
This point goes to the heart of Stone's hermeneutical method of recollecting these extra-legal strata of the halakhic life.
Learning that involves the use of perception, and the changed understanding of the soul that comes from awareness of oneself as recollecting are aspects of the separation of soul from body.
Some of the stories are narrated by an upper-middle-class intellectual recollecting his past sexual relationships and friendships in Manhattan and in insular, suburban Hecate county.