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recoil at the sight (of someone or something)

 and recoil at the thought (of someone or something)
Fig. to flinch or cringe at the sight or thought of someone or something. Sally recoiled at the sight of Gerry, who had said something unspeakable. Mary recoiled at the very thought.
See also: recoil, sight

recoil from someone or something

to draw back from someone or something. I recoiled from Sally when she told me what she had done. I recoiled from the horror and slammed the door.
See also: recoil
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AR's dish out a distinctive type of recoil to the shooter, and most AR's still operate using the original, direct gas-impingement system.
Just introduced to smooth out and soften AR-generated recoil is a series of AR-sized recoil pads from LimbSaver.
The Ethos combines the reliability of the proven inertia operating system with light recoil and fast handling, all necessities when a rooster bolts From a cornrow or bobwhites whir out of a honeysuckle tangle.
Of course inertia-driven shotguns come with one distinct disadvantage: recoil.
You see, when you touch off a sub-critical nuke in the 340PD, recoil happens.
Wouldn't the lesser recoil of the light bullets make the heavier bullet more likely to pull?
Upon firing, the barrel recoils forward and pulls away from the fired case, which is held by an extractor on the frame.
Locked breech operation is a system in which the barrel and breechface (usually integral with the slide) remain firmly mated together during the first portion of the recoil cycle, often by locking lugs at the chamber end of the barrel interfacing with corresponding recesses within the interior of the slide, until chamber pressures drop down to a safe level, usually just after the bullet has left the muzzle.
Brought together with Half & Half technology, the two-piece bat flexes before impact and recoils with a burst of ball-launching energy.
When a rifle is fired it recoils away from its points of support.
Light recoil lets us get away with minor errors in technique, or at least minimizes the damage.
The rifle recoils away from the pressure and horizontal dispersion of the group increases.
270 WSM isn't exactly a giant killer, but in this light rifle it recoils at 16 fps with 32 ft-lbs of energy.
Especially in magnum cartridges this light rifle recoils briskly.
A straight stock recoils straight back, with little or no muzzle rise.