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recoil at the sight (of someone or something)

 and recoil at the thought (of someone or something)
Fig. to flinch or cringe at the sight or thought of someone or something. Sally recoiled at the sight of Gerry, who had said something unspeakable. Mary recoiled at the very thought.
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recoil from someone or something

to draw back from someone or something. I recoiled from Sally when she told me what she had done. I recoiled from the horror and slammed the door.
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References in classic literature ?
letting fall his sword and recoiling to the extremity of the stage)
The hideous chance of this he at least could avert; but he could only avert it by recoiling in time from assurance.
The Carrier advanced to seize him by the hand; but, recoiling, as some feature in his face awakened a remembrance of the Deaf Man in the Cart, said:
They sank lower and lower into the muddy abyss, back into the dregs of the raw beginnings of life, striving blindly and chemically, as atoms strive, as the star-dust if the heavens strives, colliding, recoiling, and colliding again and eternally again.
Recoiling, you thrust it under your buttoned coat instead, and rushed into the church.
Then she had considered, Did the suspicion come of her previous recoiling from him before the fact?