recoil from

recoil from someone or something

to draw back from someone or something. I recoiled from Sally when she told me what she had done. I recoiled from the horror and slammed the door.
See also: recoil
References in classic literature ?
The Countess may recoil from handling the acids and watching the process of cremation; but she can surely sprinkle a little disinfecting powder--'
In general the continental, or at least the Belgian old women permit themselves a licence of manners, speech, and aspect, such as our venerable granddames would recoil from as absolutely disreputable, and Madame Reuter's jolly face bore evidence that she was no exception to the rule of her country; there was a twinkle and leer in her left eye; her right she kept habitually half shut, which I thought very odd indeed.
You have no right to recoil from the mention of my love for you.
You will stifle them; you will recoil from them, like a good woman, with horror.
Men of the world may recoil from the charnel-house that they will one day enter, but Love knows better.
You can shoot 31/2-inch turkey loads and not sweat the recoil from the A400 semi-auto; one reason it's fast becoming an icon.
Rick, you are correct that, due to a low bore axis, the recoil from the bottom barrel causes the gun to come straight back in your hand, and because the top barrel has a higher bore axis, it will slightly rotate up with the recoil.
They all work together to provide a flexible interlocked shock absorber, and according to Benelli, provide a 50 percent reduction in felt recoil from their ComforTech system.
A IT is normal to recoil from all insects that scuttle.
Traditions claims their overall recoil reduction system consisting of the Knoxx CompStock and the barrel porting reduces felt recoil from 50 to 70 percent.
Editor's note: No one will recoil from your recoil suggestions.
Handguns with polymer frames offer durability and ease of maintenance and often absorb some recoil from firing.
Abortion activists may recoil from the knowledge of a child's existence before birth, but their efforts to erase the child as a second victim in a violent crime are an insult to all women and families who have lost a loved one to the violence," she said.
I took years of the pounding recoil from my lightweight upland special 12-gauge BPS rather than risk the jams I witnessed in the frozen sandy goose pits and single-digit temps.
A rubber insert in the comb of that stock also adds to shooter comfort because a lot of what we perceive as recoil from a shotgun comes when its stock rises into the shooter's cheek.