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How will I recognize you?

What should I look for to identify you when we meet for the first time? A: "OK, so I'll meet you at the train station at 3. How will I recognize you?" B: "Well, I have red hair, and I'll be wearing a purple dress."
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recognize (someone or something) as (someone or something)

1. To remember or identify someone or something as being a certain person or thing one has previously perceived. I recognized her as the woman who had processed my claim in the bank. I didn't recognize it as anything I'd heard before.
2. To show acceptance or acknowledgement of someone or something as having a particular role, status, or position. The government still refuses to recognize the region as a separate, independent region. We will never recognize you as our leader.
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recognize (someone or something) by (something)

To be able to identify or remember someone or something because of some distinguishing trait, characteristic, behavior, etc. I was able to recognize him by the unmistakable mark on the right side of his face. You should be able to recognize their house by the large Italian flag they always have hanging from their front porch.
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recognize (someone or something) for (something)

1. To be able to identify or remember someone or something as being a certain kind of person or thing. I recognized him for a petty conman the moment he tried talking me into that ridiculous scheme. If you were smart, you'd recognize this for the amazing deal that it is.
2. To honor, praise, or acknowledge someone or something for some deed or achievement. They are recognizing Ken for his years of service to the company. The government is recognizing the company for its important environmental work.
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recognize (someone or something) for what (someone or something) is

To be able to perceive and understand the true nature of someone or something. She seems committed to thinking of him as some misunderstood outcast, instead of just recognizing him for what he is—a petty thug. You need to recognize the situation for what it is and start putting things in place to deal with it.
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How will I recognize you?

 and How will I know you?
a question asked by one of two people who have agreed to meet for the first time in a large busy place. Tom: Okay, I'll meet you at the west door of the station. Mary: Fine. How will I recognize you? Tom: I'll be wearing dark glasses. Bill: I'll meet you at six. How will I recognize you? Mary: I'll be carrying a brown umbrella.
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recognize someone as someone or something

to accept and acknowledge someone to be someone; to accept and acknowledge something to be something. Mary didn't recognize the lawyer as her legal representative. Lizzy didn't recognize the car as her car.
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recognize someone or something by something

to know someone or something by some distinguishing sign. You will be able to recognize me by my long mustache. Mary recognized her car by the ribbon tied to the antenna.
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recognize someone or something for something

1. to identify someone or something as something. I recognized the deal for a scam as soon as I heard about it. Anyone could recognize Max for a common thief.
2. to show appreciation to someone or something for something. The organization recognized Laura for her excellent contributions to the philanthropy committee. The officers recognized the committee for its outstanding efforts.
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recognize something for what it is

 and recognize one for what one is
to see and understand exactly what someone or something is or represents. The disease represented a serious threat to all peoples, and Dr. Smith recognized it for what it was. I recognize you for what you are, you scoundrel!
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The Netherlands, which does not recognize Palestine as a sovereign state, currently offers Palestinians two options when specifying their birthplace at the Dutch civil registry, the two options are Israel or "unknown."
351 exchange, the shareholder would recognize no gain, even if the transaction failed to qualify under Sec.
The award recognizes long-term dedication of PIMA members at the local division level.
When a company grants an employee an NQSO, it recognizes the related compensation expense and records a tax benefit equal to the compensation expense multiplied by the company's income tax rate.
Given the similarity in the parameters of the scope of the search of a vehicle under the motor vehicle exception and a search pursuant to a search warrant, law enforcement must be able to recognize and justify intrusions into personal privacy based on the uniqueness of the situation as opposed to relying on what initially justified the search but may not justify the search of a person.
Clearly, CEOs recognize the importance of intelligence when assembling their team.
For example, if an issuer recognizes $10,000 of compensation cost in connection with the issuance of an option, and the issuer's tax rate is 35 percent, the issuer accrues a deferred tax asset of $3,500, and increases income with an associated tax benefit.
The readers want Cleopas and the other disciple to recognize that Jesus is no longer dead, but they do not.
Recalling FDR's proposal for a "second of bill of rights" protecting basic human needs, Sunstein urges Americans to recognize a new list of constitutional rights, including access to a good education and health care, and the opportunity to work at a fair wage--in essence, economic rights in addition to the largely political rights enshrined in the country's founding documents.
Recognize that just because a staff member is certified does not guarantee competency in and on the water.
Not all biologists are actively engaged in taxonomy (only a few truly enjoy working in this field), yet everyone, even lay persons, recognizes the value of consistency and standardization in the naming of animate and inanimate objects.
In other words, states determine whether a couple is legally married, and because no state recognizes marriage between two people of the same sex, the IRS won't either.
ADAA/Colgate Community Volunteer Award recognizes a member or member' organization for involvement in community preventive oral health care projects.
Further investigation revealed that the fly protein recognizes a separate insect protein produced during a fungal infection and in turn, activates the fly's immune response.
He recognizes now that he must contribute, as a matter of justice, to making sure that real equality between men and women exists in every area of society.