recognize as

recognize someone as someone or something

to accept and acknowledge someone to be someone; to accept and acknowledge something to be something. Mary didn't recognize the lawyer as her legal representative. Lizzy didn't recognize the car as her car.
See also: recognize
References in classic literature ?
She said that she witnessed a portion of the encounter, and that when she looked there was but one man engaged with the guardsmen; a man whom she did not recognize as ever having seen.
Thus, if I recognize a thing, the occasion of its previous existence in virtue of which I recognize it forms part of "my experience" by DEFINITION: recognition will be one of the marks by which my experience is singled out from the rest of the world.
The balance sheet approach requires an enterprise to recognize as a deferred tax asset or a deferred tax liability the future income tax effects of the difference between the financial statement carrying amount of an asset or liability and its tax basis.
77, the seller is required to recognize as an allowance only estimated credit losses under the recourse arrangement, even if the purchaser pays a higher premium on the loans for the recourse arrangement than the seller provides as an allowance.