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reclaim (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

To regain or resume possession of someone or something from someone or something. I'm looking to reclaim my championship title from him in our rematch next week. The parents were able to reclaim their child from social services.
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reclaim someone or something from someone or something

to bring someone or something back from someone or something. The mother reclaimed Sally from her father, who had abducted her contrary to the divorce decree. Mary reclaimed the book from her brother's desk.
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The extent of reclaiming of mechanically reclaimed GRT by TMTD is reported in Table 1.
The next magnetic stages are the ones related to reclaiming the valuable nonferrous metal fraction from the fluff.
Before committing to a sand reclamation program, foundries must perform a self-evaluation (see sidebar, "Self-Evaluate before Reclaiming") to assess their needs and optimize the benefits available through reclamation.
Briefly stated, a reclaiming credit seller must satisfy all of the following requirements:
In reclaiming mined areas for hayland/pasture, bulldozers and tractors must flatten the land and enable a uniform grass to form.
Inco is currently involved in reclaiming a significant portion, approximately half, of its 5,000-acre Copper Cliff tailings.
As practical and informative as it is 'user friendly' and reassuring, "The Autism Parents' Guide To Reclaiming Your Life: How To Build The Best Life While Successfully Raising A Child With Autism" is should be considered essential reading for any parent or family member having to deal with an autistic child.
This practice does not occur much anymore, due to stringent EPA laws and fines, but with the price of metal, the problem of reclaiming is bigger than ever.
Introducing to North America GM Compac system for reclaiming PE and PP film or fiber at 300 to 500 lb/hr.
However, reclaiming green sand that has been mixed with chemically bonded core sand has been problematic.
Brendtro (President of Reclaiming Youth International), Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons And Daughters: A Practical Approach For Connecting With Youth In Conflict is an excellent introduction and cogent exploration of individuals and groupings of youth and the four-step plan for reaching out in an attempt to assist them.
ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION Information on Italian-built systems for scrap reclaiming and reprocessing.
A new process developed by Houghton Durferrit, called the Durferrit Reclaiming System (DRS), is a salt bath system that is effluent-free (composed of EPDM, natural rubber or full silicone) and completely contained, providing manufacturers with a safer way to cure all kinds of extruded rubber compounds and profiles.
It estimates that without reclaiming excess sand, disposal costs would be $500,000 annually.
Clean Air and Water Act of 1991, the German Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz) were the primary factors influencing the near elimination of the reclaiming industry.