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reclaim (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

To regain or resume possession of someone or something from someone or something. I'm looking to reclaim my championship title from him in our rematch next week. The parents were able to reclaim their child from social services.
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reclaim someone or something from someone or something

to bring someone or something back from someone or something. The mother reclaimed Sally from her father, who had abducted her contrary to the divorce decree. Mary reclaimed the book from her brother's desk.
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To create a truly rustic look, choose the Covington reclaimed wood dining table, which features a wonderfully vintage pedestalinspired base and is ideal for hosting evening soirees with family and friends.
Little Tree Furniture Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table, PS319
Rayston will have six years from work commencement to hand over the 90.31ha of reclaimed land to the state government.
An experiment was done to determine how much effect the quality of the reclaimed compound has on the end compound using the reclaim.
'The subject reclaimed property is an inalienable land of the public domain and beyond the commerce of man.
where it held that reclaimed lands are lands of the public domain.
PIPER COFFEE TABLE & BENCH Pipe framed coffee table with rustic reclaimed wooden top and storage bench
The Reclaimed Line is now available at Eklego's Zamalek and Heliopolis showrooms.
For example, direct contact of reclaimed water with an edible crop that will not be peeled, skinned, cooked, or thermally processed before human consumption, is prohibited.
The agency stated in its annual bulletin issued on Sunday that the decline in reclaimed land is caused by the reduction of cooperative societies provisions of reclaimed land.
When I saw the photo, a giclee print with a scene of the lighthouse just before sunset and with a flock of gulls overhead, I knew just the kind of frame I wanted: a rustic, reclaimed, or driftwood frame with natural tones to complement the tones in the beachscape.
An ordained American Baptist pastor, Denise has served as pastor of both United Methodist and American Baptist congregations.), "Reclaimed: Faith in an Emerging Generation" offers insights into the question of why many young adults leave the church of their childhood and why some of them return.
Weathered, salvaged or reclaimed - these wooden furnishings are great pieces to give you a modern rustic look.
With so much work being done to prove and establish beneficial uses of used metalcasting sand, you might have wondered if reclaimed sand could be used in the fracking industry.