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reclaim (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

To regain or resume possession of someone or something from someone or something. I'm looking to reclaim my championship title from him in our rematch next week. The parents were able to reclaim their child from social services.
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reclaim someone or something from someone or something

to bring someone or something back from someone or something. The mother reclaimed Sally from her father, who had abducted her contrary to the divorce decree. Mary reclaimed the book from her brother's desk.
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The extent of reclaiming was monitored by measurement of sol content, inherent viscosity of sol rubber, gel content, crosslink density of reclaim rubber, molecular weight between crosslinks, swelling ratio, and Mooney viscosity of reclaim rubber.
They have taken our RECLAIM rules and done some creative accounting,'' Atwood said.
Currently, during the worst budget times DYS has experienced since its creation, RECLAIM, like all other agency activities, is being scrutinized and modifications are being made.
After heat has been extracted, water from RS2 is directed into two existing 11,000-gallon combination fire and reclaim storage tanks.
In early January, SCAQMD announced it was abandoning its plans to extend RECLAIM to VOCs.
Probert and the Pocahontas people have been getting coal operators to reclaim sites for commercial forestland since 1990.
Complete systems for recycling and scrap reclaim for PET and polyolefins, including friction washing, float/sink density separation, grinders, dryers, pelletizers, size sorting, and systems for storage and water treatment.
A unit that is rated to reclaim 5 tons/hr should not be increased to reclaim 7 tons/hr--the sand quality will diminish;
That change was RECLAIM (Reasoned and Equitable Community and Local Alternatives to the Incarceration of Minors) Ohio, a nationally recognized funding program for juvenile offenders that encourages courts to develop or purchase a range of community-based sentencing options.
California officials are receiving a tidal wave of reactions to a proposition to reclaim wastewater for drinking purposes.
In technical brochures for Ecorr RBR and Ecorr RNR, a detailed overview is given of different applications in which a rubber reclaim can be used.
A lot of new equipment is designed to reclaim traditionally difficult film and fiber scrap.
Ventura County isn't the only region seeking to reclaim tainted water.
Another method of modern reclaim is the use of water jet systems.
Specializes in inline direct-recycle film-scrap reclaim systems, repelletizing systems, and gravimetric blending systems.