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reclaim someone or something from someone or something

to bring someone or something back from someone or something. The mother reclaimed Sally from her father, who had abducted her contrary to the divorce decree. Mary reclaimed the book from her brother's desk.
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Under a business expenses pay and reclaim system, where employees continue to make payment directly to a supplier, the ability to reclaim VAT would be lost.
They have taken our RECLAIM rules and done some creative accounting,'' Atwood said.
RECLAIM represents a unique partnership between the state juvenile correctional system and local juvenile courts.
Southern California's proposed VOC RECLAIM program was scuttled over those fights.
Grassroots environmental groups, galvanized by such events as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the breakup of the Soviet Union, would like to reclaim this land for forests.
Offers integrated shredder and extruder to reclaim plastic waste without precutting.
The top three reasons to reclaim spent foundry sand are:
Japan Loses Its Dominance in the Global Silicon Reclaim
With Advanced Reclaiming Technology's method, it could reclaim the same pipe for around $13.
A lot of new equipment is designed to reclaim traditionally difficult film and fiber scrap.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Silicon Reclaim Wafers Industry http://www.
Specializes in inline direct-recycle film-scrap reclaim systems, repelletizing systems, and gravimetric blending systems.
Small amounts of carbonates and rubber particles accumulate in the filter basket of the reclaim furnace, which can be disposed of in accordance with the official regulations for the waste management of solid salt residues.
To effectively reclaim foundry sand, the sand entering the reclamation unit must be free of metallics, dust collection system waste, contaminants and other materials that may be combined and melted onto the surface of the reclaimed sand as it exits the reclamation unit.