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reclaim (someone or something) from (someone or something else)

To regain or resume possession of someone or something from someone or something. I'm looking to reclaim my championship title from him in our rematch next week. The parents were able to reclaim their child from social services.
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reclaim someone or something from someone or something

to bring someone or something back from someone or something. The mother reclaimed Sally from her father, who had abducted her contrary to the divorce decree. Mary reclaimed the book from her brother's desk.
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Rayston will have six years from work commencement to hand over the 90.31ha of reclaimed land to the state government.
The purpose of the part level evaluation was to determine at what level of substitution (reclaim for polymer) the physical properties start to fall off (table 1).
As early as the 1970s, the timber framing industry recognized the value of salvaged wood and has used larger timbers reclaimed from industrial structures for the exposed framing of high-end new construction.
In the present study, we investigate the effects of physico-mechanical properties with cure characteristics and swelling behaviour in different solvents for NR/CB vulcanizates containing reclaim rubber.
The stress strain curves for NR/RR vulcanizates with various proportion of reclaim rubber and NR/RR (80/20) blend system with different proportion of carbon black loading are shown in Figs.
Nearly 700 programs that are funded through RECLAIM each year.
But US District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that the family's right to reclaim the copyright to the books were lost when Milne's son, Christopher Robin Milne, declined to exercise them in the 1980s.
The UK will come under similar pressure to change its VAT legislation next year, which will be bad news for firms that operate a "pay and reclaim" policy for corporate fuel purchase.
Read together, UCC Sections 2-507 and 2-511 implicitly permit a cash seller to reclaim its goods upon dishonor of the buyer's check tendered in payment for the goods.
While it is imperative to constantly explore new techniques and opportunities in mature facilities, the reclaim and reuse of water is a relatively new untapped potential.
IF you're looking to bring an element of rustic charm to your home, consider introducing stylish furniture pieces crafted from reclaimed wood.
Byline: Claire Hornby on the beauty of reclaimed wood
"The Reclaimed Woodworker" by woodworking expert Chris Gleason provides inspiration and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction for beginning and intermediate woodworkers who want to make well-built, stylish furniture and furnishings from reclaimed lumber.
A lawmaker has petitioned the Supreme Court to rescind the sale of a 41-hectare reclaimed seaside property along Manila Bay in Paranaque City to a private company for allegedly being unconstitutional.