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nervous wreck

Someone who is overcome with anxiety, apprehension, or nervousness. Where have you been all night? I've been a nervous wreck waiting for you to come home! I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting to hear back from the doctor about the test results.
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reck (one's) own rede

To trust in and use one's own advice. "Reck" means "to heed," while "rede" means "advice"; both are archaic words. A: "I have told my sister to question men she deems untrustworthy." B: "Then, my lady, if you do not trust Sir Walton, I think you need to reck your own rede and confront him."
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nervous wreck

An individual suffering from extreme agitation or worry, as in Pat was a nervous wreck until her mother arrived at the wedding. This expression is nearly always used hyperbolically. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see basket case.
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"And in good sooth my dear lord hath need of such a one by his side, for he recks so little of himself that there should be one there to look to his needs and meet his wants.
Daring, head-strong, evildoer who recked not of his sin in shooting the gods that dwell in Olympus.
248-264) You princes, mark well this punishment you also; for the deathless gods are near among men and mark all those who oppress their fellows with crooked judgements, and reck not the anger of the gods.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 12, 2012-Littlefield elects James Recks as new president and CEO(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Owner and operator of charitable bingo halls, Littlefield Corporation (OTCQB:LTFD), on Tuesday named James Recks as its new president and CEO, replacing Jeff Minch who remains as a board member.
At present, Recks is SVP and CFO of financial holding company AMC Financial Holdings Inc and while serving as a senior officer there he has also served as the CEO of many of its subsidiaries and related companies in different business segments like health care, manufacturing, vending and distribution.
Directed by Declan Recks. Screenplay, Eugene O'Brien, based on his play.
Eden," Irish helmer Declan Recks' depiction of a marriage sliding toward dissolution, burrows into the everyday details, mapping the surface tension that keeps a stagnant relationship afloat.
Helmer Recks and scripter Eugene O'Brien, who adapted his award-winning play to the screen, have ably translated the piece's extended his-and-her monologues into long silences, oblique glances and occasional gut-spillings to confidants.
Eden, which will be shown on St Patrick's Day at 9.40pm, is a collaboration between director Declan Recks, producer David Collins and awardwinning playwright Eugene O'Brien.
Recks and O'Brien previously worked on the award-winning series Pure Mule together.
The director of Pure Mule, Declan Recks, is at the helm for the film, which will shoot for the next four months in Tullamore, Co Offaly.
To wreak and to wreck differ again from to "reck", a word I frequently come across in the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Here, to reck is a poetic form of the verb to recognise, especially religiously.
To reck was a short form of the verb to recognise, especially reverentially.