reckon without

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reckon without

To fail to consider or anticipate something as a factor in some decision, situation, or outcome. I thought we'd have enough money for a deposit on a house, but we reckoned without needing to pay for Sophie's trip to the emergency room. Too many companies reckon without the pitfalls that make insurance like this an absolute necessity.
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reckon without someone

to fail to think about someone. He thought he'd get away with his crime, but he reckoned without the FBI agents. He had thought he was gone for sure, but he had reckoned without the paramedics.
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reckon on

To expect and take something into account; bargain on something: The farmers hadn't reckoned on an early frost. Reckon on spending $250 for a hotel room in New York.
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reckon without

To fail to consider or deal with someone or something; ignore someone or something: They thought it would be an easy victory, but they had reckoned without the determination of their enemy.
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The Castle have to reckon without Alan Unsworth and Richard McGlasham.
Silksworth have to reckon without several players on both days, and under 18 bowlers Kieran Laws and Stuart Middlemiss have put themselves in contention for promotion after some impressive displays at second team level.
Blagdon Park have to reckon without Nigel Clough once again with Martin Tallantyre being called up in his place.
Elsewhere Brandon have to reckon without Stephen Ball for the immediate future following a four-game suspension, Crook are unchanged for the visit of a Shildon team missing Chris Moore, and Dave Jones and Jack Brennan miss Langley Park''s trip to Tudhoe where their hosts welcome back Ross Hodgson and Tim Smalley.
The visitors have to reckon without Michael Peddelty, who injured his foot in last week's double-header, and Michael Crane is brought in to replace him.
The Colliers have their own problems - they have to reckon without Greg Williams and Scott Thornton, while bowler Craig Wood is ruled out by injury and there are fitness doubts over Andrew Gray and James Richards.
But the Fed, unbeaten in 30 League games this season, will have to reckon without striker David Southern, who is suspended.
Mainsforth have to reckon without David Peel for their game at Etherley and they promote Daniel Craggs in his place.
Croft Park boss Harry Dunn must reckon without suspended former Blackburn midfielder Graham Fenton, but Gateshead welcome back striker Paul Taylor who has completed a five-week ban.
Spartans, without Andy Appleby who has rejoined Hartlepool, must also reckon without Ben Summers and Gareth Williams tomorrow.
Bedlington must still reckon without injured former Gateshead and Durham City defender Sam Kitchen, who has been out for six weeks with an Achilles tendon injury.
Dunn's depleted squad take on Frickley in a vital UniBond League Premier Division match at Croft Park tomorrow and, though it looks as if Blyth will have to reckon without injury victims Ben Summers, Andy Appleby, and Martin Peace, Dunn reckons he saw enough in the 1-0 League Cup defeat at his old club Whitby in midweek to suggest things are on the up.
Bell knows already he must reckon without suspended forward Stewart Wise.
But boss Paul Baker must reckon without Dale Telfer, Ian Crutwell and Keith Graydon because of suspensions.
Northumberland's performances were all the more worthy considering the fact they had to reckon without Robert Chisholm, Paul Ging, Steve Birdsey and Craig Cooper, who were away on international trials duty.