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reck (one's) own rede

To trust in and use one's own advice. "Reck" means "to heed," while "rede" means "advice"; both are archaic words. A: "I have told my sister to question men she deems untrustworthy." B: "Then, my lady, if you do not trust Sir Walton, I think you need to reck your own rede and confront him."
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nervous wreck

Someone who is overcome with anxiety, apprehension, or nervousness. Where have you been all night? I've been a nervous wreck waiting for you to come home! I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting to hear back from the doctor about the test results.
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nervous wreck

An individual suffering from extreme agitation or worry, as in Pat was a nervous wreck until her mother arrived at the wedding. This expression is nearly always used hyperbolically. [Colloquial; c. 1900] Also see basket case.
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But, though the words wreak and wreck imply the same tragedy, please do reck the difference between to wreak and to wreck.
Reck makes a particular point of noting Hitler's personal involvement in the murders as well as evidence of the man's cowardice:
Reck, who has studied Cross' work, asks her dancers to watch others perform movement as a rehearsal strategy.
Business checking itself has become an important part of North Island's business strategy, Reck added.
In addition to the appointment of Baker, SIVOX has formed a board of directors that includes notable Chicago-area technology leaders Ron Birchall, Richard Reck and Gary Garrett.
Chris Reck, in his HBO special Never Scared, which debuted April 17
Additionally, four new governors were elected to EDANA's 20-member board--Geoffrey Katz, regional business director of DuPont Nonwovens Sontara for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, based in Geneva, Switzerland; Boudewija Lindner, managing director of Codi International, Veenendaal, The Netherlands; Alexander Maksimov, president and CEO of McAirlaid's Vliesstoffe, Steinfurt, Germany, and Bernd Reck director of marketing fiber bonding, BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany.
The leader of the community group opposed to the project, architect David Reck, has spoken out publicly about the damage that such a building would inflict on the area.
The ball clipped the inside of skipper Tomasz Waldoch's heel and left hapless keeper Reck on his backside as the shot changed direction.
Or Bernhard Reck, R-Biopharm GmbH, Dolivostrasse 10, D- 64293 Darmstadt, Germany; phone: +49-6151-8102-27; fax: +49-6151- 8102-20; URL: http://www.
As they say, all their slicers use a unique band blade system, which they reck on gives unmatched slice quality and their gravity feed systems allows for ease of loading and leads to high slicing yields.
Reck distinguishes between "metaphysical platonism," which is the view that the meaning of statements of arithmetic and their objective truth values are explained by there being a model of arithmetic "out there," existing independently of us, and "contextual platonism," which reverses the order of explanation and takes logical analysis and the laws of logic as its starting point.
While it now sounds simplistic and short-term, that objective directed Reck and his staff to "do what had to be done," and is an outstanding example of a "homegrown" analysis of ways to remain competitive for the long term.