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WHILE a Division Superintendent of a railway was attending closely to his business of placing obstructions on the track and tampering with the switches he received word that the President of the road was about to discharge him for incompetency.
Thereafter the little party of fugitives fled up the broad Ugambi, and so rapid had their flight become that they no longer received word of their pursuers.
One day, while scouting among the Chinese shrimp-catchers of Point Pedro, he received word that his wife was very ill; and within the hour the Reindeer was bowling along for Oakland, with a stiff northwest breeze astern.
In a statement released on Twitter, Oman's national carrier said it had been notified of a strike at the London airport on August 5 and 6, but later received word that the workers union have opted to postpone their strike action on August 5.
'It's super tentative pa eh, although we received word that the two COCs would arrive by tomorrow morning,' Arabe told
When Huang received word that her house was under attack, she quickly rushed home.
Ten hours after the middle-ofthe-night encounter four billion miles away, flight controllers in Laurel, Maryland, received word from the spacecraft that it had successfully completed its latest mission.
The FPP received word that newly hired clerk Candice Morgan, of Pana, resigned her position effective Monday, Dec.
"I have received word from my security apparatus that perhaps it would not be prudent for Pakissorry, I mean the US it would not be prudent for the US to actually, carefully evaluate why the Taliban are stronger, specially in southern Afghanistan," he will say in a televised news conference to the foreign press.
Hassanabdal Municipal Committee Chairman Chaudhry Zaheer Ahmad said that when they received word of the incident, they immediately dispatched a team to handle the situation.
Wali told the court that his son Mujahid had been missing for the past six years and that his family had been searching for his whereabouts until August 17 when they received word that Mujahid, among 15 others, had been sentenced to death sentence by a military court for his alleged involvement in attacks on security forces in Khyber.
He has not yet received word about being able to sit the examinations.
The bishops' conference for Sudan and South Sudan announced the move in a' release June 6, saying it had received word from the Vatican's Secretariat of State that Kenyan Msgr.
She said the decision was made after the department sought the FBI's advice on how to proceed with the review and received word that it should follow its standard practice.