receive from (someone or something)

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receive from (someone or something)

1. To obtain, take, or acquire something from someone or something. A noun or pronoun is used between "receive" and "from." I received a very stern letter from the bank after failing to meet my minimum loan repayments again. The professor is receiving an award from the university for her work in cancer research.
2. To admit, accept, or welcome someone from some location or thing. Her friends and family were waiting to receive her from the airport after her long and arduous journey. The state police were ready to receive the suspect from the county jail following his formal arraignment.
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receive something from someone

to get and accept something from someone. Tony received a sweater from his grandfather for his birthday. Who did you receive this from?
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receive something from some place

to get and accept something from some place. I just received a letter from Budapest! Mary received a package from Japan.
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References in classic literature ?
Notwithstanding all the obligations she had received from Jones, Mrs Miller could not forbear in the morning some gentle remonstrances for the hurricane which had happened the preceding night in his chamber.
Since we parted yesterday, I have received from indisputable authority such a history of you as must bring the most mortifying conviction of the imposition I have been under, and the absolute necessity of an immediate and eternal separation from you.
The whole was tied up for the benefit of this child, who, in occasional visits with his father and mother at Norland, had so far gained on the affections of his uncle, by such attractions as are by no means unusual in children of two or three years old; an imperfect articulation, an earnest desire of having his own way, many cunning tricks, and a great deal of noise, as to outweigh all the value of all the attention which, for years, he had received from his niece and her daughters.
I shall have the pleasure of acknowledging the great assistance which I have received from several other naturalists, in the course of this and my other works; but I must be here allowed to return my most sincere thanks to the Reverend Professor Henslow, who, when I was an undergraduate at Cambridge, was one chief means of giving me a taste for Natural History, -- who, during my absence, took charge of the collections I sent home, and by his correspondence directed my endeavours, -- and who, since my return, has constantly rendered me every assistance which the kindest friend could offer.
As I feel that the opportunities which I enjoyed of studying the Natural History of the different countries we visited, have been wholly due to Captain Fitz Roy, I hope I may here be permitted to repeat my expression of gratitude to him; and to add that, during the five years we were together, I received from him the most cordial friendship and steady assistance.
The labours of the insurance commission had come to an end--the report had been received from Venice on that day.
The nomination forms can be received from provincial offices of the ECP and all Returning Officers (ROs).
62 exempts from adjusted gross income (AGI) payments received from an accountable plan between employers and employees under Regs.
1, 1999, all dividends received from noninsurance corporations are deductible, subject to the ownership limitations of Sec.
An OSHA/CPR seminar and luncheon was hosted that included many potential members and a proclamation was received from the governor.
In addition, Slovene law requires that the Ministry of Defense pay each student who travels abroad a Slovene-funded per diem, regardless of the per diem received from IMET.
Each individual firm has listing clerks who daily type in the mailed or taxed exclusive and update information received from cooperating companies.
Moreover, should P pay out the cash received from S as a further dividend to P's shareholders, P's shareholders will pay yet another level of tax on the business income generated by S.
One note of caution is that all investors are responsible for capital gains tax on income received from these charitable investments.
permanent resident during that year."[A]ll resident alien individuals are liable to the income taxes imposed by the Code whether the income is received from sources within or without the United States" according to Regs.