receive from

receive something from someone

to get and accept something from someone. Tony received a sweater from his grandfather for his birthday. Who did you receive this from?
See also: receive
References in classic literature ?
What support will Laura want which she can receive from him?
There is no nation where excommunication carries greater terrors than among the Abyssins, which puts it in the power of the priests to abuse this religious temper of the people, as well as the authority they receive from it, by excommunicating them, as they often do, for the least trifle in which their interest is concerned.
A solution to diversify the sellers' stock holdings is for the selling shareholder to contribute their stock (which they receive from their business' sale) to an "exchange fund," where different investors contribute large blocks of each investor's publicly traded stock into the exchange fund, which in turn results in diversification of stock ownership among the fund's investors.
False positives persist - 25% of consumers indicated they have recently lost or did not receive an email that they were supposed to receive from a trusted source and 32% say that email they have requested from a trusted source was delivered to a junk mail folder.
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