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recede from (someone or something)

1. To shrink back, pull away, or retreat from someone or something. The mob receded from the man when they realized he was armed. I think I need a dentist to look at why my gums are receding from my teeth.
2. To disappear or fade away from memory or awareness. The atrocities the country committed only 20 years prior have already begun receding from people's consciousness. The pain of that day has never truly receded from my mind.
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recede from something

to pull back from something. The river receded from its banks during the dry season. I think that my hair is receding from my forehead.
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"Cotton, sugarcane, vegetables and other crops standing thousands of acres have been submerged slightly, however they would recover as flood is receding fast," he said.
As of 2:47PM, yellow alert for the Luzon grid has been lifted by NGCP due to receding system demand.
As a result of the receding of water in the rivers falling, Mangla dam was decreased on Friday to 1139.40 feet against the dead level of 1140.00 feet in the reservoir.
The remaining structures in the paper are as follows: Section 2 described the relative motion model between UAV and object; Section 3 described the terminal guidance law based on receding horizon control strategy; Section 4 introduced the comparative results and analysis of the guidance law and other several guidance law simulation results.
The suspect is described as a white male, of slim to medium build, aged in his early thirties, with fair, receding hair.
Following receding of water level in Jhelum river, the inflow of the water in the dam was fallen to 17200 cusecs against the outflow of 25000 cusecs, official sources told reporter on Thursday.
Q My gums are receding and the lower part of a tooth is exposed so I feel pain when I eat hot or cold foods.
"The last of the waters are receding now and we check it as a matter of routine.
Berlin, Rajab 25, 1434, Jun 4, 2013, SPA - Floodwaters in Passau are receding from the highest level seen in more than five centuries but cities downstream are bracing themselves as swollen rivers sweep through southeastern Germany.
In a statement by his office, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, he stressed that "Iraqi tribes reject receding any space of Iraqi territories to Kuwait".
MAPLETON - Residents here can breathe a sigh of relief today after the nearby Siuslaw River almost reached its 18-foot flood stage Saturday because of heavy rains the past couple of days, but then began receding Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service in Portland.
The dollar crept higher in Tokyo amid receding expectations that the U.S.
Some fight the receding water and re-burrow on the spot, while others get pulled down the slope before re-burrowing.
According to Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS), the debt-default risk of Dubai is receding.
Summary: PM deploys more forces as receding waters reveal mountains of muddy wreckage in Australia's third largest city.