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recede from (someone or something)

1. To shrink back, pull away, or retreat from someone or something. The mob receded from the man when they realized he was armed. I think I need a dentist to look at why my gums are receding from my teeth.
2. To disappear or fade away from memory or awareness. The atrocities the country committed only 20 years prior have already begun receding from people's consciousness. The pain of that day has never truly receded from my mind.
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recede from something

to pull back from something. The river receded from its banks during the dry season. I think that my hair is receding from my forehead.
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According to Recedes, the government is wasting billions of pesos in directly subsidizing private schools through the Education Service Contracting scheme and the Senior High School Voucher Program.
Recedes said President Duterte wants to get rid of old jeepneys in favor of the expensive e-jeepneys that will be built by big businessmen and corporations salivating to control the transport sector.
If I catch fewer than a dozen in one pass, I quickly put them in my pocket and re-rake the same spot as the next run-up recedes. When I catch a good number on one pass, I walk up and deposit them in my bucket then look for the next marks.
This kind of commitment, I would argue, is ultimately essential to keep the historians who prefer to dip into social history adequately informed and stimulated, to prevent them from letting the social history materials recede further into the background, and to provide them with updated findings; essential as well to provide a wider framework for the special topics research, which otherwise risks still further fragmentation and an inability to deal with basic issues in chronology and causation.
A dark line comes forward; a light line recedes, but when using value we state unequivocally that dark recedes and light comes forward.
As the last crisis recedes from memory, the financial system needs wholesale reconstruction.
When material recedes, it automatically darkens again, ready for the next fill.
Yet gradually, as the inner tempest recedes, she wins back her equilibrium.
When the source recedes, the waves reach the ear at longer intervals-hence lower pitch.
He appealed to local and international tourists and vendors to stop visiting and close businesses until the water recedes.
'We condemn this latest publicity stunt by the Philippine National Police to further justify repression against organizations fighting the Duterte regime's anti-people policies and fascist terror,' Anakbayan national secretary general Einstein Recedes said.
Anakbayan National Secretary-General Einstein Recedes said in a briefing that Duterte seemed to have succumbed to his emotions, all the while being egged on by the United States, the military, and the elite oligarchy.
Generally: Low Atmospheric pressure dominates over Turkey accompanied by cold winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain which dominate on the Mediterranean Sea basin, recedes gradually starting from Tuesday night.
Now, physicists in England have demonstrated a topsy-turvy Doppler shift in which a radio wave's frequency rises as the source recedes. This inverse Doppler effect, first predicted in the 1940s, produces a frequency boost some 100,000 times greater than the drops of ordinary Doppler shifts, the researchers report in the Nov.
At times his subject matter recedes into the background, instilling a sense of metaphysical distance.