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recede from (someone or something)

1. To shrink back, pull away, or retreat from someone or something. The mob receded from the man when they realized he was armed. I think I need a dentist to look at why my gums are receding from my teeth.
2. To disappear or fade away from memory or awareness. The atrocities the country committed only 20 years prior have already begun receding from people's consciousness. The pain of that day has never truly receded from my mind.
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recede from something

to pull back from something. The river receded from its banks during the dry season. I think that my hair is receding from my forehead.
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In some parts of Queensland, residents returned to see what remained of their homes and businesses as deadly floodwaters that swamped entire neighbourhoods receded.
The data you gather about how much each gravestone has receded from its lead lettering are recorded in the chart (above).
In Sindh, the provincial government said water levels had receded at the two main barrages, although flood waters remained high.
"I would like to say that the influx of foreign fighters from Syria (to Iraq) and the negative influence not just from Iran but from other countries have receded," he added.
Analysts debated whether the government would end up owning the major banks and a good chunk of the entire financial sector, but that discussion has receded along with the likelihood of such an outcome, according to Bach.
But since then those calls have receded, and while there may well be need for a rise later in the year, I think it is 99 per cent certain to stay at its current rate.
That ice sheet melted and receded so much that now it is a tourist attraction where boats can go up close to the glaciers.
But we do need at least some social historians willing to recover some of the bigger picture concerns for example, for discussions of social class, ** or the implications of demographic change--that have receded during the cultural turn.
Symptoms of depression receded in three-quarters of the men and women aged 60 to 84 who followed a 20-week strength-training program to build up their upper bodies (arms and shoulders) and lower bodies (legs and buttocks).
military attack has receded and urged Afghans who fled their homes to return, Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) said.
She blamed the rising numbers on the relaxation of the Government's ban on access to the countryside as the foot-and-mouth crisis receded.
This has not only helped validate the Washington consensus, but explains more than any other reason why the international financial architecture debate has receded into the background.
"I don't know when all that hostility is going to recede," says one 30-year veteran of gay rights causes in Manhattan, "but it sure as hell hasn't receded yet." Other gay leaders cited HRC's endorsement as the reason they boycotted the HRC-supported march on Washington this year.
The animals filtered back into their traditional riverbottom habitats as crests receded.
Galaxies, he maintained, receded from us at a rate proportional to their distance from us (Hubble's law).