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recede from (someone or something)

1. To shrink back, pull away, or retreat from someone or something. The mob receded from the man when they realized he was armed. I think I need a dentist to look at why my gums are receding from my teeth.
2. To disappear or fade away from memory or awareness. The atrocities the country committed only 20 years prior have already begun receding from people's consciousness. The pain of that day has never truly receded from my mind.
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recede from something

to pull back from something. The river receded from its banks during the dry season. I think that my hair is receding from my forehead.
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The Meteorological Department said the weather Wednesday would be cloudy with a significant drop in temperatures as hot winds are expected to recede. Humidity levels will increase and temperatures are expected to range between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius.
And there is danger as well as invitation in the lack of any overarching new approach, as the cultural turn recedes. Here, then, is ample occasion for further conversation around four related topics: what pre-cultural interests might now be usefully be revived; how can we preserve the undeniable strengths of the cultural turn; do we need to pay renewed attention to issues of narrative style (an older issue which receded during the cultural enthusiasm); and what's next for the field as a whole?
The second edge represented with a light line appears to recede. A series of lines defining the edge of the ribbon demonstrate how a line is a substitution for an edge.
When the source recedes, the waves reach the ear at longer intervals-hence lower pitch.
He appealed to local and international tourists and vendors to stop visiting and close businesses until the water recedes.
These schools would be surveyed for damage assessment when water would recede completely and the development will also pave the way for resumption of educational activities, officials said.
NNA - Snow storm gradually starts to recede today (Thursday); thus, Friday's weather is to be partly cloudy with rise in temperature and some drizzles during day-time, as forecasted by Beirut Airport -based Meteorology Department.
In which year did the greatest number of glaciers recede? The fewest?
As [obstacles] to economic activity recede, we will do better."
The floodwaters may recede and the forests may dry, but the political impacts of the 1993 deluge will be felt for years to come.
However, villagers are forced to live in the relief camps as the water is yet to completely recede. With dwelling units submerged, people in many of the affected areas have not returned to their villages," a local told ANI.
He said floodwaters would recede if the rain stopped falling, but it would eventually flow to the Prek Tnort stream in Kampong Speu province and Stung Sla Ku in neighbouring Takeo.
Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) has said that it sees more prospects in Europe as risks recede in the region.
He said the flood would attain peak at over 500,000 cusecs by September 19 after which the water level would begin to recede.