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recast in (something)

1. To rework, redevelop, or redesign something to sound, appear, or come across in a different and particular way. You should recast your application in a way that focuses what you achieved in your previous job. If I were you, I'd recast this section in a more neutral tone, because at the moment it comes across like you are favoring one argument over the other.
2. To display, portray, or reimagine someone or oneself in a different and particular way. The biography omits or glosses over the more troublesome aspects of the artist's career to recast him in a more positive, magnanimous light. The former comedian and musician has begun to recast herself in the role of a more serious-minded intellectual and activist in recent years.
3. To assign a new role to an actor in a different film, play, or television show. After impressing the director with some of her ad lib between shoots, they decided to recast the actor in a more prominent role in the second half of the film. He actually had a cameo in the first film, so it was a little weird when they recast him in a completely role for the sequel.
4. To assign the same role to an actor who played the part in a previous play, film, television episode or series, etc. Reports have confirmed that they are recasting the popular actor in the second season of the hit new show. She announced that she has been recast for the sequel, but shared no further information about when the new film might start production.
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recast something in something

to rebuild or redevelop something in a different form. She recast the sentence in the negative, hoping to make it less blunt. I will recast my request in different language.
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The recast is a fascinating document, especially since eight months earlier Directive 2007/47/EC was published, and months were invested to negotiate the provisions of the revision.
In sample #9, the instructor restated Castillo's statement, thus modeling the correct form, as an interrogative recast.
ReCast [TM] samples achieved greater than 6,500 psi at Percentage Elongations exceeding 500 percent.
701-2(b) sets forth a list of administrative actions that the Commissioner may employ to recast transactions where the tax results under the form of a transaction are deemed to subvert the subchapter K rules, to contravene the economic arrangements of the parties or economic substance of a transaction, or otherwise to circumvent other provisions of the Code.
Further, by removing all of the transactions of the defaulting participant, a settlement recast automatically allocates the losses associated with the default to the participants that dealt with the defaulting participant.
However, filmmaker Lauren Schuler, seems reluctant to recast the part when she declared that she'll "cry" if Jackman decides to leave.
You've been fishing for hours without an offer then suddenly, just as you are pulling your fly out of the water to recast, it happens.
Thus, prudent tax advisers should implore their clients to make good business decisions, keep their fact patterns in line with the cases and rulings that have treated transfers as bona fide sales and avoid those that have recast transfers and included them in the decedent's gross estate.
After being put back into service, the wear pattern of the ReCast parts was carefully measured, documented and compared with the historic performance of new replacement parts.
The existence of competing types of social work in settlement houses, industrial unions, and hospitals between 1890 and 1920, the contested definitions of "professional," and the attempts to recast social workers' public images revealed the politics of identity and middle-class formation at work.
Tasso of course would resist such skepticism, but his accommodation of romance to Virgilian aesthetic and moral rigor would prove unstable, leading him to recast the Gerusamme Liberata into the Gerusalemme Conquistata.
The result has been a flight to quality in which tenants trade up space or recast leases for lesser but improved space in the modern, prime class-A buildings of midtown Manhattan.