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recast something in something

to rebuild or redevelop something in a different form. She recast the sentence in the negative, hoping to make it less blunt. I will recast my request in different language.
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Under the WEEE Recast Regulations in Greece, all companies who sell products from another country directly to the end-user in Greece must appoint an Authorised Representative to register and fulfil WEEE producer obligations.
In sample #9, the instructor restated Castillo's statement, thus modeling the correct form, as an interrogative recast.
With ReCast [TM] technology, SUNcast can use the worn part as a core and apply new, high-performance PUR to the wear edges to rebuild the part back to its original dimensions.
with a principal purpose of substantially reducing the present value of the partners' aggregate federal tax liability," the Commissioner may recast the partnership or its transactions.
Further, by removing all of the transactions of the defaulting participant, a settlement recast automatically allocates the losses associated with the default to the participants that dealt with the defaulting participant.
Over $47 billion of prime and Alt-A RMBS collateral is due to recast over the next 12 months from an IO payment to a fully amortizing payment.
The Mountain" had been recast twice already in the first and second seasons of the show.
We welcome the adoption of the agreement between the European Parliament and the Council on the recast Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes.
You've been fishing for hours without an offer then suddenly, just as you are pulling your fly out of the water to recast, it happens.
Introducing a radically recast ``Johnny 99'' from ``Nebraska,'' he said, ``Here's a little folk punk.
Thus, prudent tax advisers should implore their clients to make good business decisions, keep their fact patterns in line with the cases and rulings that have treated transfers as bona fide sales and avoid those that have recast transfers and included them in the decedent's gross estate.
In its efforts to create a socialist consumer culture, GUM recast the functions and meanings associated with the everyday activities of buying and selling, turning them into politically charged acts that could either contribute to or delay the transformation of the economy and society.
A 24-ton steel bean from the World Trade Center was melted and recast into a part of the new LPD 21 amphibious battle ship, the US New York, which is currently being built by Northrop Gruman Corp, New Orleans.
After being put back into service, the wear pattern of the ReCast parts was carefully measured, documented and compared with the historic performance of new replacement parts.
Tasso of course would resist such skepticism, but his accommodation of romance to Virgilian aesthetic and moral rigor would prove unstable, leading him to recast the Gerusamme Liberata into the Gerusalemme Conquistata.