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recast in (something)

1. To rework, redevelop, or redesign something to sound, appear, or come across in a different and particular way. You should recast your application in a way that focuses what you achieved in your previous job. If I were you, I'd recast this section in a more neutral tone, because at the moment it comes across like you are favoring one argument over the other.
2. To display, portray, or reimagine someone or oneself in a different and particular way. The biography omits or glosses over the more troublesome aspects of the artist's career to recast him in a more positive, magnanimous light. The former comedian and musician has begun to recast herself in the role of a more serious-minded intellectual and activist in recent years.
3. To assign a new role to an actor in a different film, play, or television show. After impressing the director with some of her ad lib between shoots, they decided to recast the actor in a more prominent role in the second half of the film. He actually had a cameo in the first film, so it was a little weird when they recast him in a completely role for the sequel.
4. To assign the same role to an actor who played the part in a previous play, film, television episode or series, etc. Reports have confirmed that they are recasting the popular actor in the second season of the hit new show. She announced that she has been recast for the sequel, but shared no further information about when the new film might start production.
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recast something in something

to rebuild or redevelop something in a different form. She recast the sentence in the negative, hoping to make it less blunt. I will recast my request in different language.
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FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC) today reported second quarter 2019 revenue of approximately $1.2 billion, an increase of 4.5 percent versus recast second quarter 2018, driven by strong growth in Brazil, India and EMEA.
The recast questions whether "harmonised [sic] specific requirements" should be created that specify mandatory methods of manufacture testing or material composition for specific devices.
She was prohibited from correcting grammatical errors explicitly but could recasts or request clarification if an error impeded comprehension.
With ReCast [TM] technology, SUNcast can use the worn part as a core and apply new, high-performance PUR to the wear edges to rebuild the part back to its original dimensions.
A prosaic brief for a huge multiscreen cinema on a nondescript suburban site has been inventively recast to evoke the escapism and glamour of another era.
Understanding the responsibility and therefore the authority of the personal physician should recast this role and bring specialized medical resources into a more responsive approach.
Indeed, even though three of the four examples (Examples 1, 2, and 4) illustrate transactions that are consistent with the subchapter K rules and are not recast by the Commissioner, the holdings are qualified by the foreboding phrase "[a]bsent other facts"--leaving one to wonder what facts may tip the scale toward recasting the transactions.
While the format and methodology employed suit the purpose of presenting the necessary contrast, and while the expertise of the authors is not in question, this reviewer is nagged by the question whether it was desirable in the first instance to recast the ingredients that went into this study to fit a preconditioned mold and to reinterpret Ottoman and post-Ottoman history to justify previously held interpretations and conclusions.
In an effort to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve communication, Witco is implementing a corporate restructuring program to recast the company along product lines.
In a large-value netting arrangement, the recast of the settlement could remove significant credits that other participants were relying on to meet their own obligations and thus cause them to be unable to settle.
Release date- 30072019 - PHILADELPHIA - FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC) today reported second quarter 2019 revenue of approximately $1.2 billion, an increase of 4.5 percent versus recast second quarter 2018, driven by strong growth in Brazil, India and EMEA.
Based on the company's existing fuel derivative contracts and market prices as of October 19, Q4 economic fuel costs are estimated to be in the range of $2.30-$2.35 per gallon, including 7c per gallon in premium expense and an estimated 14c per gallon in favorable cash settlements from fuel derivative contracts, compared with $2.16 per gallon in Q4 2017, as recast, which included 7c per gallon in premium expense and 19c per gallon in unfavorable cash settlements from fuel derivative contracts.
The group in a news conference held Wednesday, 21 March claimed that the recast budget and Mr.
Rowling, who admitted that the possibility of a ( recast had been discussed, went on to say that in the end, they all felt that letting Depp continue in his role was the right thing to do, even if fans didn't see it that way.