recall from (something)

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recall from (something)

1. To be able to remember someone or something from some event, location, or previous point in time. I recall from my childhood a place beside the lake where my friends and I used to spend our summers. I think I recall him from a television show I used to watch. I recall a few things about that from my last job.
2. To summon, request, or call someone back from some place or thing. We've already recalled our workers from the offices there. The prime minister announced that he would be recalling all foreign aides and ambassadors from the region until the unrest began to settle.
3. To jolt or restore someone back to clarity of mind from some mental lapse. The sound of the chalk screeching on the board recalled me from my daydream. Use these smelling salts to recall her from her stupor.
4. To command or request that a product be returned to a manufacturer from something or some place. The company was forced to recall the product from store shelves after a third case of poisoning came to light. The automaker is recalling their newest model of sedan after a major concern about its airbag system was raised with regulators.
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recall someone or something from something

to remember someone or something from some event or some place. I recall someone by that name from my days at the university. Mary recalled the appropriate fact from her history studies.
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recall someone from something

to call someone back from something or some place. The president recalled our ambassador from the war-torn country. I was recalled from retirement to help out at the office.
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