recall to

recall something to someone

to bring something to the mind of someone. Your comments recall another event to me—something that happened years ago. What you just said recalled an old saying to me.
See also: recall
References in classic literature ?
I recall to mind a long succession of men in our employment as travelers, all equally remarkable for their dirty cloaks and their clean linen, for their highly civilized courtesy to women and their utterly barbarous cruelty to horses.
Recent research by Deloitte states, "it was found that the average cost of a recall to participating food and consumer product companies is $10 million, in addition to brand damage and lost sales.
This includes ensuring that all parties are notified, enabling defective products to be claimed quickly, evaluating the recall to ensure that the process has been completed with no traces of defective product left on the shelf or in the patient's hands, and submitting final reports to the FDA.
The head of Rescue California, which brought the recall to the ballot, said he is more worried about falling short than he was earlier in the campaign because fund raising has stalled.
High-profile recalls, like last summer's Bridgestone/Firestone tire recall, have brought product recall to the top of consumers' minds, opening eyes to the risks of common products, said Bernhard Steves, vice president of Insurance Brokers Service, which offers a product-recall insurance policy called Total Recall Plus.
GE said Spitzer is "just plain wrong" in his assertions, that he has been "irresponsible with the facts of this important safety recall", and that he is "using the recall to grandstand for personal political advantage.
We urge owners of the minivans involved in the recall to accept Nissan's offer, and are pleased that the company has taken this action to remove these vehicles from the road and satisfy their customers.
Recall InfoLink standardizes, automates, and tracks the communication of a recall to businesses across the supply network.
The San Fernando Valley Democratic Party's fifth annual Labor Day game and picnic at Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park had a special goal this year: to show a united Democratic front against the recall to unseat Gov.
Recall's clients range from Global 2000 enterprises to start-ups and trust Recall to securely protect, store and destroy their most sensitive information thereby mitigating risk and providing peace of mind.
Davis is taking the recall to court because, he claims, it is too difficult for the counties, will cost too much and, if not stopped, should be delayed because he has too much work to do.
The company recently discovered that some of the Vanilla flavor had been shipped and therefore expanded the previous recall to include the Vanilla flavor.
Petitioners have five months to collect the more than 8,000 signatures needed to put a recall to public vote in February.
At Dell, we are focused on delivering the right technology configured to meet specific business requirements, which enables customers like Recall to maximize their IT investments, serve their customers and grow their business.
Michael Brownlee, the agency's associate administrator for safety, said Ford's engineering explanation seems to make sense but the agency will monitor the recall to make sure the problem has been correctly identified.