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rebuke (someone or something) for (doing) (something)

To scold, upbraid, or criticize someone, an animal, or some group or organization for some action, error, or wrongdoing. They won't so much as rebuke their child for his bad behavior. It looks like the United Nations is finally willing to formally rebuke the country for disobeying the international treaty. She rebuked the dog for peeing on the carpet.
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rebuke someone for something

to reprimand someone for something. There is no need to rebuke me for a simple mistake like that. Sally was rebuked for overspending her budget.
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I marvel at the mild rebuke used by St Paul to the folk in Galatia, a number of whom had maligned Paul and his ministry and then misled others by their twisted thinking.
I wonder how many others, myself included, would be so mild in our rebuke, if we had received such treatment from others?
The rare public rebuke of a serving general was the latest example of Netanyahu taking action that appeared to put him at odds with top brass in a national debate on moral conduct in the conflict with the Palestinians.
Above all, he makes it clear that his rebukes stemmed from his love for others and the desire to see the best in and for others.
THERE are those folk who find it relatively easy to rebuke strangers for their shortcomings, but find great difficulty in giving a word of rebuke to those nearest and dearest to them.
For us, it may seem scandalous to say that a family burial is inconsequential or that taking leave of flesh and blood in a manner befitting our allegiance to them is worthy of rebuke. In our society, those who miss a family funeral brand themselves as heartless and self-serving.
Angered, the bishop rebukes her for her effrontery, claiming that she "shuld not teache hym what he shuld write" (60).
Soon after being printed in Wesel, the small volume even appeared on sale as a kind of rebuke in Winchester, the diocese of one of Askew's chief tormentors, Bishop Stephen Gardiner.
Instead of being angry at men for discriminating against women, she rebukes women for attempting to compete in the male power structure on male terms.
In critiquing the Roman mode, Milton rebukes not only Charles II, but also Cromwell and the Protectorate who were also guilty of being tempted by this idol.
It was noteworthy that Khamenehi chose to rebuke Ahmadi-nejad very publicly very early in his term.
After Khamenehi's rebuke last week, Ahmadi-nejad and the two Larijani brothers each wrote letters that they released to the public.
Only one person voted against the rebuke of Hall, Regent Brenda Pejovich.
And with as much repudiation as those in power in Israel can muster, it has issued a stern diplomatic rebuke to Sweden for -- shock and horror -- recognising the very nation and people that Israel has tried for decades to crush, kill, jail and oppress.
Only one person voted against the rebuke of Hall: Regent Brenda Pejovich.