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catch you on the rebound

slang See or talk to you later. I'm heading out now—catch you on the rebound!
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on the rebound

1. Regaining strength or otherwise recovering well from something. Pundits expect the stock market to be on the rebound this week after last week's sudden slide.
2. Experiencing feelings of unhappiness or grief after a romantic relationship has ended. If you want to start a serious relationship with Mindy, don't ask her out now—she's on the rebound and still cries over her breakup every day.
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rebound from (someone or something)

1. To return to a good health following an illness or injury. I thought I would be bedridden with the 'flu for a week, but I managed to rebound from it after just a couple days. I've never seen someone rebound from a broken ankle so quickly!
2. To recover from some negative or unfortunate situation, especially very quickly or suddenly. The company has managed to rebound from the financial disaster brought about by their last product with one of the most exciting new pieces of technology we've seen in years. We were lucky enough to be able to recover from the economic downturn fairly easily, but many other businesses weren't so fortunate.
3. slang To enter into a new sexual or romantic relationship as a means of dealing with the failure of a previous relationship. She's been hooking up with a lot of younger guys recently. I think she's just rebounding from the divorce. I know you're rebounding from Sarah right now, but I don't think jumping into a brand-new relationship is a good idea right now.
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rebound relationship

A romantic relationship that one begins, often as a means of distraction, while still recovering from the end of a different relationship. Oh, Peggy doesn't really love that guy—she's just in a rebound relationship so that she doesn't feel so heartbroken about Pat leaving her.
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rebound from something

1. Lit. to bounce back from something. The ball rebounded from the wall and hit Randy hard on the elbow. When the ball rebounded from the backboard, it bounced onto the court and Tom tripped on it.
2. Fig. to recover quickly from something. Barbara rebounded from her illness in less than a week. I hope I can rebound from this cold quickly.
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on the rebound

Reacting to or recovering from an unhappy experience, especially the end of a love affair. For example, A month after breaking up with Larry, Jane got engaged to Bob, a classic case of being on the rebound . This metaphoric term, alluding to the bouncing back of a ball, has been used in the present sense since the mid-1800s, although rebound alone had been used figuratively for much longer.
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on the rebound

while still affected by the emotional distress caused by the ending of a romantic or sexual relationship.
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on the ˈrebound

while you are sad and confused, especially after a relationship has ended: She married John on the rebound from Geoff. I knew it wouldn’t last.
If a ball rebounds, it bounces back after it has hit a hard surface.
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Jerome Juanico put up 19 points, three assists, two rebounds, and one steal for Soccsksargen, which remained winless at 0-10.
Neil Moralejo, on the other hand, starred for FCPC-Bulacan with his all-around effort of 19 points, seven assists and six rebounds. Theo Pablico also added 15 points, as John Bravo got 12 points, 16 boards and three dimes.
Zach LaVine scored 29 points and Jabari Parker added 20 points and 13 rebounds for Chicago in a 124-116 victory over visiting Phoenix.Sacramento's Willie Cauley-Stein scored 23 points to lead seven double-figure scorers in the Kings' 119-110 win at Utah.
The reigning most valuable player (MVP) notably became the first player to average a triple-double last season since Oscar Robertson accomplished the feat in the 1961-1962 season, as he averaged 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.1 assists per game.
Statistical analysis that included the impact of pretreatment viral load and CD4 count identified several factors that independently lowered or raised risk of a viral load rebound:
Never agree to get back with your ex while in your rebound relationship - even if you're desperately in love with them and believe you could have a long, blissful life together - in case it's a trap.
Overall, hemangiomas rebounded in 231 patients (25%).
One representative example can be introduced here from the technical literature in which natural stones were tested at 15 sites (in South Africa and in southern England) with original Schmidt rebound hammer and Silver Schmidt rebound hammer (together with further hardness testing instruments) on vertical and horizontal surfaces of different rock types with varying degrees of hardness (Viles et al.
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Rebound orthopedic surgeon Todd Borus, M.D., one of the principal investigators, has sub-specialty interest in arthritis and joint replacement surgery.
Sanchez debuted against Southeastern Louisiana with 12 rebounds. He came back a game later with 12 points and 12 rebounds, followed with another double-figure rebounding effort to become the first player since 1997 to post double-figure rebounding in three consecutive games.
Analysis of survey data from 1002 undergraduates at a large southeastern university revealed differences between the 535 or 53.4% who had become involved (while on the rebound from a previous love relationship) in a new relationship compared to 316 or 31.5% who had not become involved in a new relationship while on the rebound.
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