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rebel against someone or something

to resist and revolt against someone or something. Barbara rebelled against the teachers at the school. Most young people have to rebel against authority for a while.
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rebel at someone or something

to resist and defy someone or something. It is natural for teenagers to rebel at their parents. I feel as if I have to rebel at all these rules.
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a rebel without a cause

a person who is deeply dissatisfied with society in general but does not have a specific aim to fight for.
Rebel Without A Cause was the title of a US film starring James Dean , released in 1955 .
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It was precisely the odd absence of surprise in her that gave him the sense of her having been plucked out of a very maelstrom: the things she took for granted gave the measure of those she had rebelled against.
His stomach, less resigned than he was, rebelled, and he was obliged to fasten a tendril of wild-vine tightly about his waist.
To me it was his broken spirit that expressed itself, and I rebelled against his renunciation.
He rebelled against being undressed by Mary Ann and after a while succeeded in establishing his right to dress and undress himself.
It is true that her nature sometimes rebelled against these dictates of reason, and that she grew yearly more capricious and impatient; but having a respectful and well-disciplined husband under her thumb at all times, she found it possible, as a rule, to empty any little accumulations of spleen upon his head, and therefore the harmony of the family was kept duly balanced, and things went as smoothly as family matters can.
The teeming and peaceful population of China had been "westernised" during the opening years of the twentieth century with the deepest resentment and reluctance; they had been dragooned and disciplined under Japanese and European--influence into an acquiescence with sanitary methods, police controls, military service, and wholesale process of exploitation against which their whole tradition rebelled.
Which of these two gave in first I cannot tell, though to me fell the duty of persuading them, for whichever she was she rebelled as soon as the other showed signs of yielding, so that sometimes I had two converts in the week but never both on the same day.
He felt that he was warranted in buying his life at almost any price; but there was a point at which his finer nature rebelled.
De Vac turned their steps toward the little postern gate, but when he would have passed through with the tiny Prince the latter rebelled.