rebel at

rebel at (someone or something)

To defy, resist, or revolt against someone or something. My brother rebelled at our parents a lot while he was in school, something I know he regrets now that he's an adult. A huge number of citizens have begun actively rebelling at the government's proposed legislation reforms.
See also: rebel

rebel at someone or something

to resist and defy someone or something. It is natural for teenagers to rebel at their parents. I feel as if I have to rebel at all these rules.
See also: rebel
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Narrowly beaten by Rebel Rebel at Kempton, the Mick Channontrained Capable Guest could subsequently finish only 17th at Newmarket, and then on Monday he beat just two home in the German Guineas.
He was only beaten a head by Rebel Rebel at Kempton, and if he reproduces his best form he's not without a squeak.
Johnny Yuma, The Rebel at Appomattox,'' is a one-act play that veteran television writer and producer Fenady created in the 1960s but never staged before the Palmdale premiere.
Smith shows some of the $40,000 in costumes to be worn in ``Johnny Yuma, The Rebel at Appomattox,'' a play, to be premiered in Palmdale, that was written by the creator of ``The Rebel'' television series.