rebel against

rebel against (someone or something)

To defy, resist, or revolt against someone or something. My brother rebelled against our parents a lot while he was in school, something I know he regrets now that he's an adult. A huge number of citizens have begun actively rebelling against the government's proposed legislation reforms.
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rebel against someone or something

to resist and revolt against someone or something. Barbara rebelled against the teachers at the school. Most young people have to rebel against authority for a while.
See also: rebel
References in classic literature ?
I myself am a savage; owning no allegiance but to the King of the Cannibals; and ready at any moment to rebel against him.
And it is very sinful to rebel against them,' whispered the clergyman.
His firm step becomes quicker, and the corners of his mouth rebel against the compression which is meant to forbid a smile.
I forced my eye to scrutinize this prospect, I forced my mind to dwell on it for a time, and when I found that it communicated no pleasurable emotion to my heart--that it stirred in me none of the hopes a man ought to feel, when he sees laid before him the scene of his life's career--I said to myself, "William, you are a rebel against circumstances; you are a fool, and know not what you want; you have chosen trade and you shall be a tradesman.
And this is old Fitzurse's boasted policy, encouraging these malapert knaves to rebel against us
Clapp in the kitchen is grumbling in secret to her husband about the rent, and urging the good fellow to rebel against his old friend and patron and his present lodger.
Your daughter is at that age when to set before her an encouragement for young persons to rebel against their parents on this most important point, is particularly injudicious.
If I had any doubts about helping Umbopa to rebel against that infernal blackguard," put in Good, "they are gone now.
I rebel against whatever has been happening during the past 70 years," he said in an address to a rally here on Friday.
Illya told ANI that he believes it was an attempt by the upper layer of the society and urged the Dalit youth to rebel against the barbaric incident.
40pm Bold and charismatic werewolf slave Lucian incites his species to rebel against the vampires who enslaved them.
I will never rebel against our people even if the government wants to kill me", he added.
The Tory MP for Colne Valley may rebel against his party (4.
Summary: The late journalist Nassir al-Asaad was remembered Friday as a rebel against sectarianism who would be appalled at the steady rise of divisive rhetoric in Lebanon.
A MOST teenagers go through a phase where they rebel against a Have your emotional problems sorted by our expert Marissa lot of things that matter to their parents and your daughter is learning about having her own identity.