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reassure someone about something

to give someone confidence about something. Nancy reassured Betty about her promotion. Betty was reassured about her promotion.
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reassure someone of something

to promise or guarantee someone something. Kelly reassured her friend of her support in the election. Please reassure Tom of our continued support.
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Microbial samples of elevators, kitchens, cafeterias, labs, bathrooms, classrooms, and other venues showed a reassuringly low bacteria count.
SAM ALLARDYCE is the kind of manager we journalists love - always honest, reassuringly blunt in a world of spin and trickery and, generally, the last man at the bar in the wee small hours.
Reassuringly, the results of the two available long-term studies provide no evidence--despite the exceptional power of the studies--of any effect of BPA exposure at levels near or orders of magnitude higher than those reported by Schonfelder et al.
Back in the Roaring Nineties, this theory proceeds, the stock market was predictable, albeit insane, and the state of the economy was reassuringly obvious, though no one was entirely clear why.
2 Reassuringly broad around the waist himself, the host of BBC ONE's Diet Trials is also famous as GMTV's avuncular anchorman.
Yet while he is obviously transported by the transcendent grandeur of his observations, the silhouettes of buildings and trees that often jut from the margins of his images reveal a reassuringly earthbound willingness to take the rough with the smooth.
While Amazon Frosted Flakes, Gorilla Munch, Koala Crisp and Orangutan-O's may seem reassuringly familiar, they contain fewer sweeteners per serving than leading brands and all are guaranteed GE-free.
Then, in chapter seven, which takes the story of cholera to the rise of germ theory and scrutinizes the sanitation movement, the author reassuringly mentions Lemuel Shattuck and by the end of the following chapter on tuberculosis at least the United States (if not the rest of the Americas) has become fully a part of the West.
Universities and Gymnasia], it reliably informs the reader about all aspects of the higher education system in the German-speaking countries before, during and after the Reformation, describing with a wealth of detail the school system on the eve of the modern period, the gradual reception of humanism, the impact of the Reformation on thc higher school system as established by Philipp Melanchthon, the extraordinary impact of the Jesuits on education in the Catholic territories, noting reassuringly, however, that the differences between the Protestant and Catholic models of the "humanistische Gymnasium" were quite minimal.
It's a book to keep reassuringly close at hand for a dose of inspiration and clarity whenever needed.
But reassuringly, there was also no harm of beta-carotene supplementation on cancer or cardiovascular disease.
The dark, aromatic liquid sits undisturbed in its vessel, displaying a reassuringly placid, nearly flat surface.
MPI reassuringly adds, "This upswing does not disturb the long-held dominance of finance as the most likely CEO background on a cumulative basis.
THE cool, calm reaction of captain Chris Henkey and his crew when their aircraft burst into flames at Las Vegas airport was reassuringly British.