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reassure someone about something

to give someone confidence about something. Nancy reassured Betty about her promotion. Betty was reassured about her promotion.
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reassure someone of something

to promise or guarantee someone something. Kelly reassured her friend of her support in the election. Please reassure Tom of our continued support.
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References in classic literature ?
Doubtless the scrutiny the prisoner had just made of the cold, crafty, and imperious character stamped upon the features of the bishop of Vannes was little reassuring to one in his situation, for he added, "I am better.
I felt Holmes's hand steal into mine and give me a reassuring shake, as if to say that the situation was within his powers, and that he was easy in his mind.
Let us talk about you," he added after a silence, smiling at his reassuring thoughts.
Field--Nathaniel Field, author of The Fatal Dowry, and an actor of reputation--in his singular costume, and with a face of perhaps not quite reassuring subtlety, might pass for the original of those Italian, or Italianized, voluptuaries in sin which pleased the fancy of Shakespeare's age.
Poor youth, she would come to the window if she were able, I am sure, to sign that the one little unkindness is long forgotten, to send you a reassuring smile till you and she meet again; and, if you are not to meet again, still to send you a reassuring, trembling smile.
Doubtless, too, he realized as well as she the futility of his weapon, and that he had only called attention to it in the hope of reassuring her and lessening her anxiety.
To her they seemed to indicate nothing but bestial rage while to Tarzan of the Apes they were conciliatory and reassuring in the extreme.
and touched his neck with her muzzle in a reassuring way, then regarded the camp again.
He pressed her arm with an air of reassuring proprietorship.
Between the real landscape and its shadow in the water, there was no division; both were so untroubled and clear, and, while so fraught with solemn mystery of life and death, so hopefully reassuring to the gazer's soothed heart, because so tenderly and mercifully beautiful.
Written in reassuring rhyme and expressively illustrated with shadowy pictures of Baby Lady's imagined night creatures, "Baby Lady's Scary Night" is brightly lit with hopeful stars and the kind face and shining eyes of Mama Lady, who comes faithfully stumbling awake when Baby Lady cries because of her fear or strange shapes in the darkness of her room.
The MERS situation is reassuring and it has not reached the level of an epidemic," he said.
Al-Rabiah stressed that the rates of Coronavirus "MERS" is still reassuring and the number of cases generally is still low.
Summary: A health survey of local and refugee youngsters has produced reassuring results, according to caretaker Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, as the ministry seeks to combat the spread of infectious diseases.
Today, Tunisia's image is not reassuring," indicated political and former minister Ahmed Mestiri after his meeting with President Marzouki, holding all the political class, particularly ruling parties, responsible for what is happening in the country.