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He ascertained that food suppliers have reassured him that market prices will be stable, moreover promotional offers on food commodities will be provided at variable competitive prices depending on food quality.
Princes, officials, citizens were reassured of the health of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
The minister reassured his hosts that Lebanon's policy is not to intervene in the internal affairs of any country.
The council leader said today he had been reassured of SAIC's commitment to invest heavily in Longbridge and to resume production of the two-seater MGTF later this year.
The author reassured her devoted fans that the pregnancy would not affect the release of the next Potter book.
The parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman said yesterday they were reassured to hear that Ian Huntley was still expected to stand trial for their murders.
I was treated with every kindness and reassured throughout the operation by doctors and staff.
And the Ely community won't be reassured by the fact that police are swapping walking the streets for surveying the area from patrol cars.
For example, they are reassured that dark clouds do not necessarily mean another hurricane, that the fact that someone is angry doesn't necessarily mean that another shooting is imminent, etc.
Employees need to be reassured that if they lose their jobs because of downsizing, they'll have adequate time to get back on their feet.
They keep the door open to viewers who might be troubled by the work's provocativeness but are reassured by its quality of order.
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Barry Sullivan, just back from Japan, said he met with and reassured the Japanese ambassador.
Al-Rabiah reassured on the health of the patients and was briefed on the sterilization units and measures of sterilization mechanisms.
Greek Catholic Archbishop for Sidon and Deir al-Qamar Elie Haddad also commented on the incident and reassured that no sectarian strife would occur.