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reassure (one) about (something)

To make one feel confident or assured about something; to remove one's doubt or misgivings about something. I tried to reassure Sarah about her relationship with Tom, but I could tell she wasn't convinced. You'll need to reassure them about the security of their investment after such a disappointing fiscal quarter.
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reassure (one) of (something)

To make one feel confident or assured about something; to make a promise or guarantee about something to one. They went to great lengths to reassure me of the security of my job after the completion of the merger. He reassured me of his devotion to our marriage.
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reassure someone about something

to give someone confidence about something. Nancy reassured Betty about her promotion. Betty was reassured about her promotion.
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reassure someone of something

to promise or guarantee someone something. Kelly reassured her friend of her support in the election. Please reassure Tom of our continued support.
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Il s'agit notamment du transport routier, le projet de chemin de fer qui sera lance dans ce pays, les 1400 kilometres d'autoroutes en projet ou encore le projet d'eau potable que voudraient lancer les autorites beninoises, ainsi que dans l'energie, tous des projets qui necessiteront assurance et reassurance.
Have you felt disbelief over a diagnosis from a doctor, or felt unconvinced by your doctor's reassurances that you are fine?
Iamfine is a company in the telephone reassurance market.
Coun Dole said: "I wholeheartedly welcome this statement which gives us the reassurance we seek that the S4C move to Carmarthen will be unaffected by the budget cuts the organisation faces.
Reassurance of the existence and compliance officers from administrative records, regular payment of all fees due to the State under IPR, contributions to the INSS and INPP, establishment summary statements;
Louis Fed President James Bullard offered some reassurance on Friday, saying that inflation would have to pick up before he voted to scale down bond purchases, while the Bank of Japan also reaffirmed its commitment to stimulus to support the economy.
The news agency also has cited informed people as saying that Generali USA Life Reassurance Co could be worth between USD800m and USD1bn.
The new Reassurance service was created with the modern assignee in mind; tailored to support, assist and advise in all manners needed to create a situation comfortable for all associated stakeholders.
The authors find that future reductions can be undertaken along with reassurance to Allies if they are carefully orchestrated and balanced.
THE boss of high street clothing chain Next today offered reassurance that prices will not rise further in 2012 after a "perfect storm" of surging costs and rising VAT increased price tags this year.
MY boyfriend always thinks that I'm cheating on him and makes me feel bad and then needs loads of reassurance.
During the telephonic conversation, the two leaders reviewed the bilateral relations and the reassurance.
Guaranteed SEO services offered by the SEO company India is to give reassurance to the clients investing in SEO campaigns that they will get their site on the top pages as return on investment.
Again, I didn't receive the reassurance I was looking for on that but, equally, Rosenfeld said these would be decisions they would be taking over the next three to six months, not the next three to six days.
Results from the checks varied from company to company and could raise alarm unnecessarily or provide false reassurance, undercover researchers found.