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reassign to (something)

1. To select someone for or appoint someone to some different position, duty, role, office, etc., or to a different location where a new job, etc., is located. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." They're reassigning me to their office in Hong Kong. We're thinking about reassigning you to the IT department. Would you be interested in that?
2. To redirect something to some other cause, purpose, utility, etc. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." We're reassigning the funding to a different department. The new initiative aims to reassign resources to those schools and teachers that need them most desperately.
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reassign someone to something

to change someone's assignment to something else. I will reassign Jill to a different department. I was reassigned to the accounting department.
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Ibera was reassigned as the deputy collector for assessment at the Port of Batangas.
In granting the prayer of the EFCC, the CJ, on May 23, reassigned the case to Justice C.
"I admire those who took the magnanimous initiative and voluntarily offered to be reassigned during the election period to preclude any suspicion of partisan politics in their present positions," he added.
The former judge also noted the HSYK's 1st Chamber reassigned Arycan according to Article 47 of the Law on Judges and Prosecutors No.
WASHINGTON -- Reassigned 1B Mike Carp and LHP to minor league camp.
According to the report, it has been mentioned that the reassigned personnel, about 100 in number, will work out of Japan for the time being, making trips to local markets as needed.
Sources told the Daily News that the case might have been reassigned due to FitzSimon's health issues.
Reassigned RSDs are: Bob Mann, Eastern Canada and Northeast U.S.
When the priest, brother, or sister is reassigned because of the organization's financial failure and the lay ministers and employees are fired, those Catholics that were once served now have to seek those services elsewhere.
Unfortunately, when I read the list of countries that will lose foreign service jobs under the Rice plan, I saw that only two of the reassigned diplomats will come from Britain, and none from France, Switzerland, Italy, or Spain, which have traditionally been the cushiest, most sought-after, and consequently most overstaffed.
When reports of nearby wormhole blockades reach Barrayar, Miles is reassigned to Imperial Security and told to make contact with the Dendarii Mercenaries, the fleet who know him as Admiral Naismith from their first encounter several years ago (in The Warrior's Apprentice).
In July 1992, he was reassigned as supervisor to the San Diego National Service Office and served there until his retirement on March 31, 1997.
As of December 10, 2005, the Oklahoma City Branch office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will no longer process checks, and depository institutions that were assigned to that office have been reassigned to the head office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) reassigned allotment from companies that were not expected to fulfill their allocation to companies that have a greater capacity to do so.
The US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who has been charged in connection with the vandalism of cars parked at Denver International Airport has reportedly been reassigned to a non-supervisory position.