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reassign to (something)

1. To select someone for or appoint someone to some different position, duty, role, office, etc., or to a different location where a new job, etc., is located. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." They're reassigning me to their office in Hong Kong. We're thinking about reassigning you to the IT department. Would you be interested in that?
2. To redirect something to some other cause, purpose, utility, etc. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." We're reassigning the funding to a different department. The new initiative aims to reassign resources to those schools and teachers that need them most desperately.
See also: reassign

reassign someone to something

to change someone's assignment to something else. I will reassign Jill to a different department. I was reassigned to the accounting department.
See also: reassign
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The IRS ordinarily will reassign the EIN of a corporation to a successor LLC if the corporation converted to an LLC under state law, but the steps involved vary based on local law.
The decision] didn't talk about whether or not you can reassign a lease, it talked about diving up the economic benefit," Grillo said.
Generally, because of control and accountability requirements, one would not be expected to reassign a duty outside one's administrative unit.
He said the law shows how a Cabinet minister can assume office or resign and gives the President the power to reassign or dismiss them.
It is not my desire to reassign officers out of their current assignments, but it is the only way the Department can maintain the level of front-line resources that are essential for the protection of the public's safety," Beck wrote.
An audio clip leaked over the Internet following the corruption probe allegedly revealed that Iranian businessman Zarrab -- who was recently released pending trial, despite solid evidence against him in the corruption probe -- had asked then- Interior Minister Mummer GE-ler to reassign Orhan ynce, ystanbul's Fatih district police chief at the time, to a distant post.