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reassign to (something)

1. To select someone for or appoint someone to some different position, duty, role, office, etc., or to a different location where a new job, etc., is located. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." They're reassigning me to their office in Hong Kong. We're thinking about reassigning you to the IT department. Would you be interested in that?
2. To redirect something to some other cause, purpose, utility, etc. A noun or pronoun is used between "reassign" and "to." We're reassigning the funding to a different department. The new initiative aims to reassign resources to those schools and teachers that need them most desperately.
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reassign someone to something

to change someone's assignment to something else. I will reassign Jill to a different department. I was reassigned to the accounting department.
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A company that is considering converting a corporate subsidiary to an LLC should determine whether the EIN will be reassigned to the LLC before filing any state conversion document.
Likewise, if work is departmented by product or territory -- Worker A works on Product A, Worker B in Territory B, and so on -- it should probably not be reassigned to someone who normally works on another product or in another territory.
According to Obe, he had come to court fully prepared with the prosecution witnesses to proceed with the case, but very, unfortunately, the case (FHC/ABJ/C12/ 266/16), was not listed in the court's schedule for today as it is yet to be reassigned to another court.'
"From this reading, it becomes apparent that upon approval for appointment by the House, a Cabinet secretary serves at the pleasure of the President unless he or she resigns or is dismissed," the Majority Leader said."He or she may also be reassigned within the Cabinet.
After the meeting, the NAACP issued a press release that slammed the sheriff's office for not having punished Browning and called for her to be reassigned from her position at the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (D.A.R.E).
"[The decision] didn't talk about whether or not you can reassign a lease, it talked about diving up the economic benefit," Grillo said.
The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Thursday announced it would reassign and deploy more officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) to ensure that adequate personnel are manning the counters at the airport's departure and arrival areas.
The third decree [to reassign governors] in one year] shows how unflinching they [government] are in this matter.
Beck plans to reassign officers to fill crucial positions, including 200 officers to be sent back to patrol.
Mayor Nadie Arceo appealed on behalf of the 10 policemen to reassign them to nearby areas and not in Mindanao.
Jonathan Cebik, who was the executive officer of USS Jimmy Carter, was relieved from his duties and administratively reassigned to another squadron, Stars and Stripes reported.
Gregorio has been reassigned as the new acting district collector of the Port of San Fernando, La Union.
Based on the petition against, Justice Olatoregun, the CJ, on May 23 granted EFCC's prayer and reassigned the case to Justice Chukwujeku J.