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reason (something) out

To come to a logical conclusion for, determination about, or solution to something. Well, let's just reason the problem out—there has to be a way to fix this without costing us a fortune. You're wasting your time trying to reason his motivations out. Dan just does things according to his own odd beliefs.
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reason with (one)

To discuss something with one in a reasonable, logical way in order to achieve an agreement or understanding. Thankfully I was able to reason with the police officer, and he let us off with a warning instead of arresting us. You're wasting your time trying to reason with Dan—he's going to do what he wants,
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reason against (something)

To attempt to use logical reasoning in order to disprove, counter, or dissuade someone from something. You're wasting your breath trying to reason against his dumb arguments. It doesn't matter how much logic or truth you present, it's still not going to change his mind. I kept trying to reason against the board's decision, but they were determined to follow through with their plan.
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For example, Horty frames his study of reasons as a study of the logic of reasoning, assuming it as an obvious feature of everyday discourse that reasons are something to focus on in deliberation, provided we are informed of the considerations that are the reasons.
Reasoning and deliberation 'are mental activities we can decide on' and this is a practical matter, of our conduct as deliberators (97).
A handful of booster sessions in reasoning or visual concentration, administered about 1 year and 3 years after the initial sessions, offered an even better defense against cognitive losses that interfere with daily activities, says a team led by psychologist Sherry L.
The technological design of this repository relies on information retrieval with case-based reasoning (CBR), which means that the users can search for cases that are either identical or similar to the desired criteria.
In any event, the absence of reasoned decisions leaves the parties (and the industry) in the position of having paid a small fortune for a decision that is devoid of any reasoning that could be used as a guide to avoid future disputes.
Argumentative knowledge construction is also based on scientific-analytical reasoning (e.
Effective ethical reasoning requires discussing goals and possible methods from more than one point of view.
Textual reasoning names both a nascent scholarly movement and the set of practices this movement tries to describe and analyze.
The arguments upholding the traditional view are subtle and not easy to grasp; I have heard a Catholic woman, a friend of Janet Smith and like her a completely orthodox Catholic, say that she did not understand the reasoning behind Humanae vitae and simply accepted it as a matter of obedience.
In its legal reasoning, the Court said it could not accept the defense argument that the assassination was an execution of a shar'i judgment that the government had failed to perform.
Curricular reform included a particular emphasis on writing, information handling, and reasoning skills across the curriculum, as well as a recommitment to develop independent, self-motivated, lifelong learners.
When I believe or act for a reason, my reason plays a role in the reasoning through which I arrive at my belief or action.
Crucially, it cannot account for the role of impartiality in our practical reasoning (264).
This paper provides examples of how one university instructor navigated a discussion of errors in a way that supported his students' growth in mathematical understanding while preserving the value in his students' reasoning.