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"After working within Fortune 500 companies for a few years, I began to notice myself hardening where I was becoming too driven, too competitive," Reasoner said.
More importantly, its response time is within the limits of acceptability compared to the well-known fuzzy reasoner FuzzyDL as shown in Figure 7.
transformed UML behavioral models to OWL DL ontology, and hence model consistency can be verified with DL supporting reasoner. Zhang [25] tried to transform the service-oriented application models to OWL DL ontology.
A reasoner allows the inference to be made, based on the construction of compositional concepts and roles.
Even in the pages of the New Reasoner some authors detected its first 'organisational impulses' around the labour left and mass activism outside the Labour Party.
Andrew Desjardins (Sharks), Marty Reasoner (IceCats), Ryan Vesce (Sharks)
Mark Reasoner has joined the company as senior VP of sales.
Around small journals like the New Reasoner and the early New Left Review, this first British New Left championed the building of Left Clubs, debates over culture and class, argued about happenings in the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere, and aligned with others in the United Kingdom in a wide ranging Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Via features a "semantic reasoner," a type of artificial intelligence that applies human-like logic to find correlations among pieces of information, he said.
An incorrect response implies that the reasoner does not know the right response.