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When she was about 9 years old, she started learning sign language with a deaf school friend who knew it, "but I had to hide it because my parents did not want me to communicate that way," Reasoner recalled.
EMERALD currently deploys two deductive reasoners, based on the logic programming paradigm: R-Reasoner and Prova-Reasoner, which deploy the R-DEVICE and Prova rule engines, respectively.
In the prototype only the direct control by the reasoner and the functionality as an active closure system is implemented.
In the worst case, mediation will be required (n * g * c * ts) times, and thus the total process will involve (n * g * cts) + (n * g * c) calls to the reasoner.
Currently, the Diagnostic Reasoner and Suggestion Reasoner are implemented using the JESS (Friedman-Hill, 2000) rule engine.
The low clinical reasoner, Chris, reported: "We were taught how to put the nasal cannula on and what to keep the oxygen at and .
A l'egard du fait que The New Reasoner a manque son objectif voulu de batir et de maintenir une nouvelle gauche, la these se termine avec quelques suggestions sur les implications de cet echec, surtout en relation avec les contributions historiographiques de E.
The feel of New Reasoner, engaged and enthusiastic, was very different from that of the New Left Review, which inclined towards cool overviews, not the creation of a new politics.
Scatamacehia, who currently serves as executive vice president at Sysco Food Services of Atlanta, replaces Chris Reasoner who recently was named president and chief executive officer of Sysco Food Services of Cleveland.
Reasoner (1989), "Home Water Treatment Devices and Water Quality," in G.
Author and consultant Michele Borba and Robert Reasoner of the International Council for Self-Esteem offer clarifying input.
Not so many years ago, the respected commentator Harry Reasoner could dismiss the "girls who are putting together Ms.
One of the most interesting chapters in the book concerns network news, including episodes involving the famous Barbara Walters-Harry Reasoner feud, the John Scali incident (when the Soviets used the ABC correspondent as a go-between with the White House), the Nixon episode, the MacCarthy hearings coverage etc.
Scott Reasoner , Vice President , Western Operations - PDC Energy Inc.
CBS' announcement of Schieffer's special said "viewers are in the moment with legendary anchor Walter Cronkite and journalism's iconic reporters: Charles Collingwood, Harry Reasoner, Charles Kuralt and Mike Wallace.