reason with (one)

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reason with (one)

To discuss something with one in a reasonable, logical way in order to achieve an agreement or understanding. Thankfully I was able to reason with the police officer, and he let us off with a warning instead of arresting us. You're wasting your time trying to reason with Dan—he's going to do what he wants,
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reason with someone

to discuss something with someone, seeking a reasonable solution to a problem. Try to reason with Jill. If she won't listen, forget her. You cannot reason with someone who is so narrow-minded.
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reason with

To attempt to come to an agreement or understanding with someone through logical discussion: The kids did not want to learn to swim, but I reasoned with them until they agreed to take lessons.
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But Marmaduke was too much in the habit of examining both sides of a subject not to perceive the objections, and he reasoned with himself aloud: