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beyond a reasonable doubt

With confidence; without any doubt. This phrase is most commonly heard in legal proceedings. The jury acquitted him because they could not say that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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reasonable person

In law, a hypothetical person against which the defendant's actions in a case are judged. The goal is to determine whether or not a "reasonable person" would act as the defendant did. Any reasonable person would have done the same thing my client did in that situation, and you know it!
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beyond a reasonable doubt

almost without any doubt. (A legal phrase.) The jury decided beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed the crime. He was also found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a doubt

Also, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Certainly so, undoubtedly so, as in Beyond a doubt this is the best view of the valley. This phrase, along with the earlier without doubt (dating from c. 1300), asserts the truth of some statement. W.S. Gilbert's version, in The Gondoliers (1889), is: "Of that there is no manner of doubt-no probable, possible shadow of doubt-no possible doubt whatever." In this context shadow means "a trace or slight suggestion." Another variant is beyond a reasonable doubt. This phrase is often used in court when the judge instructs the jury that they must be convinced of the accused's guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt; reasonable here means "logical and rational." Also see beyond question; no doubt.
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The courts will examine exactly what information is conveyed by an anonymous call in determining whether the police had reasonable grounds to believe that there was an emergency requiring immediate action.
In addition, any such taxpayer will be deemed to have reasonable cause for any late payment accompanying a return filed on or before Dec.
(iii) Reasonable basis--(A) You have a reasonable basis to believe that mortgage information is lawfully made available to the general public if you have determined that the information is of the type included on the public record in the jurisdiction where the mortgage would be recorded.
Reasonable self-interest is a perfectly acceptable reason to act ethically.
101-336), which mirrors Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, prohibits discrimination in employment against an individual with a disability who is "qualified," that is, can perform the "essential functions" of a job with or without reasonable accommodations.
In addition, employers will be required to provide "reasonable accommodation" to people with disabilities when needed.
The reasons for refusal must be reasonable. The Alberta Residential Tenancies Act also creates objective standards of a "reasonable landlord" and a "reasonable tenant" (
Reasonable Cause for Delinquency and Accuracy-Related Penalties
Development of the Standards of Reasonable Suspicion and Reasonable Grounds to Believe A.
"Reasonable accommodation" is a term that school districts must be aware of in addition to the bylaws and statutes mentioned above.
6662(a) accuracy-related penalty under does not apply to any portion of an underpayment if it is shown that there was reasonable cause for the taxpayer's position and the taxpayer acted in good faith as to that portion; see Sec.
Any reasonable written document that acknowledges the client is aware that the information may be disclosed and confirms in writing the client's permission for the disclosure.
If a taxpayer successfully challenges the IRS, can that taxpayer recover reasonable litigation costs?
The comparison makes sense: In today's transportation world we are all trying to race across the country, looking to find the treasure of reliable carriers at reasonable rates.
The order will be conditioned on the landlord giving the tenant reasonable time to move and paying the tenant's reasonable moving expenses.