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reasonable person

In law, a hypothetical person against which the defendant's actions in a case are judged. The goal is to determine whether or not a "reasonable person" would act as the defendant did. Any reasonable person would have done the same thing my client did in that situation, and you know it!
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beyond a reasonable doubt

With confidence; without any doubt. This phrase is most commonly heard in legal proceedings. The jury acquitted him because they could not say that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a reasonable doubt

almost without any doubt. (A legal phrase.) The jury decided beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed the crime. He was also found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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beyond a doubt

Also, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Certainly so, undoubtedly so, as in Beyond a doubt this is the best view of the valley. This phrase, along with the earlier without doubt (dating from c. 1300), asserts the truth of some statement. W.S. Gilbert's version, in The Gondoliers (1889), is: "Of that there is no manner of doubt-no probable, possible shadow of doubt-no possible doubt whatever." In this context shadow means "a trace or slight suggestion." Another variant is beyond a reasonable doubt. This phrase is often used in court when the judge instructs the jury that they must be convinced of the accused's guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt; reasonable here means "logical and rational." Also see beyond question; no doubt.
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Since EAPs usually don't charge fees for consulting, the measure for reasonability of the consultant's performance relates to time-based metrics.
From the discussions of smoking to abortion to religion to politics, there is no longer any reason or reasonability.
The total compensation including the deferred portion should generally stay within the boundaries of reasonability.
The widespread use of IRE systems in financial transactions clearly meets the definition of commercial reasonability.
They go above and beyond the call of reasonability," he said.
Review W2s and 1099s for accuracy and reasonability before filing tax returns.
There has been no claim of reasonability for the bombing.
On the basis of possible development of the situation, the Secretary of the Defense Council noticed the reasonability to improve measures to enhance border services and strengthen state borders on the southern borders of the CSTO.
When the Supreme Court demanded constitutional validity of the voters' list prepared by Election Commission, the Attorney General said that legal voters' list was the very first reasonability of Election Commission.
Replying to a question he said it is Economic affairs Division reasonability to maintain the link between Provinces and International Donors, protect the pacts and provide the international funding to development projects of different departments.
They indicated to the fraternity atmosphere in Syria and the reasonability of its religious discourse reflecting the real image of Islam that is tolerant, open to dialogue and cooperation with others.