reason against

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reason against (something)

To attempt to use logical reasoning in order to disprove, counter, or dissuade someone from something. You're wasting your breath trying to reason against his dumb arguments. It doesn't matter how much logic or truth you present, it's still not going to change his mind. I kept trying to reason against the board's decision, but they were determined to follow through with their plan.
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reason against something

to argue against something, using reason. I can hardly be expected to reason against a silly argument like that! I reasoned against it, but they paid no attention to me.
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Alternatively, we might speak of a reason against acting, as in, "You have a reason against killing innocents.
This journey of mine started off with one reason against the odds, and it was enough reason for me.
However, the planning inspectors concluded that the only reason against undergrounding was cost.
Sudan has been subject to a US trade embargo since 1997 and the conflict in Darfur has been given as a reason against lifting sanctions.
Randy David, in a recent column notes that it could be what he describes as the "revenge of cynical reason against the bizarre turns that our political life has taken," citing our practice of electing entire families to public office or of allowing children to succeed their parents or spouses or children.
North East Labour politicians have said in Parliament that the fact that Newcastle voted against a powerful elected mayor three years ago is a valid reason against moves to create such a position covering the whole of the North East.
And perhaps this highlights the best reason against electoral reform.
My main reason against capital punishment comes from this Christian point of view: The murderer is no longer given a chance to repent, to change.
Wi-Fi suffers from reliability as well as stability issues, which are 2 major reason against Wi-Fi.
It may not be easy in any case to pass up your aunt's famous kugel, but if you feel satisfied before it's placed in front of you, you can at least think clearly enough to reason against devouring a whole pan of it.
The other reason against scrapping the deal is that it would be difficult to put in place an alternative as the existing fleet of Mi- 8 helicopters, which are being used to ferry VVIPs, are running on extended life.
In terms of the risk of suicide I didn't think it was a reason against discharge," she said.
At the time I was just upset at him calling the trainer out for no obvious reason against my buddy, Stan, in a five-setter.
Looking back to the match in Geneva, Federer yesterday said: "I was just upset at him calling the trainer out for no obvious reason against my buddy, Stan, in a five-setter.