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rearrange (the) deckchairs on the Titanic

To partake in or undertake some task, activity, or course of action that will ultimately prove trivial or futile in its possible effect or outcome. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. For all his blustering about overhauling the education system, the prime minister might as well have been rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic for all the good these proposals will do. You're applying for arts council funding? Why don't you just rearrange deckchairs on the Titanic while you're at it?

be like rearranging (the) deckchairs on the Titanic

To be a task, activity, or course of action that will ultimately prove trivial or futile in its possible effect or outcome. You're giving the baby a bath before we eat spaghetti? That's like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

rearrange someone's face

injure or mutilate someone's face by hitting it. informal
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rearrange the ˌdeckchairs on the Tiˈtanic

if something is like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic, it is an activity that is not worth doing because it cannot improve the situation: None of the staff believe that the new system will improve anything. It’s simply a case of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.This expression refers to the famous ship that sank after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage.
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Another way kids create art at CMOM is by rearranging photographs of people, then photographing the results.
Rainer Herges and Christoph Hoock of the Erlangen-Nurnberg University in Germany wanted to find a new way to make a diene--a carbon compound containing two double bonds--by rearranging the bonds in a ringed molecule.
Kansas State University received an award to be used for rearranging the sequence of its accounting curriculum in what new educational research deems a more logical approach to teaching various accounting subjects.
To discourage rearranging, the Federal Reserve could establish guidelines to make it more costly for banks to provide easy credit for speculation and conglomerate acquisition.
Kinnarps introduces new furniture products every six months, which necessitates rearranging the showroom floor on a regular basis.
In the case of fireworks reactions, that rearranging releases loads of heat energy.
This is "believed to be due to the rotational, vibrational and linear motions of charged fresh surfaces created during cracking" -- in other words, a rearranging of the rock's crystal structure.
Women are more likely than men to report missing work, but just as many men as women report rearranging their work schedules to provide care.
Just rearranging your furniture, changing the lighting, or getting rid of the clutter can rejuvenate your environment.
That's when two research groups not far from Hollywood showed the world how to make antibodies that not only bind to specific targets but also behave like catalysts, chemically rearranging them.
Rearranging the images allows the study to be presented to a radiologist in the proper order to facilitate quick and accurate diagnosis.
Hawaii, born of furious geologic activity, was rearranging its face once again.
Rueb's creative rearranging costs $100 an hour (with a three-hour minimum) and clients must agree in advance to any additional cost for new accessories.
25, 1998--Incentive has closed a deal rearranging its five year USD 1 billion syndicated multicurrency revolving credit facility into a seven year facility.