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In the last two chapters Shaw takes a different approach, looking at the metaphors associated with reaping and harvesting.
This press release contains forward-looking statements, within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, including the expected delivery dates of new contracts, Behlman continuing to develop new business while reaping the rewards of repeat business, Behlman's strong bookings in 2004 providing it with a strong base of business going into 2005, new sales opportunities the Company has been pursuing coming to fruition and strong operating results for the Company continuing in 2005.
All BIG-IP products will feature SYN Check(TM), Dynamic Reaping, and OCSP (online certificate status protocol) support, which protect enterprises from the most common types of attacks on the network, including DoS and SYN floods.
Together, the BIG-IP product's Dynamic Reaping and SYN Check features add tremendous value for securing the BIG-IP device in the network and all the resources behind it.
BIG-IP's Dynamic Reaping feature tracks the high and low water marks to efficiently reap idle connections that are common in various network DoS attacks.
Even the largest enterprises can exploit the superior reliability that results from running Linux on the mainframe, while also reaping tremendous cost savings from consolidating from dozens of servers to one machine.
The combination of New Moon Canaveral iQ and Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Services represents an affordable solution for reaping the benefits of server-based computing.
Businesses are reaping the rewards of a highly competitive market segment focused on providing an intelligent platform for delivering and managing applications across the enterprise," said Marc Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of New Moon Systems.
We didn't foresee the energy crisis when we started purchasing Wyse's Windows-based terminals back in 1997, but now, we are really reaping the benefits of the low power consumption of these devices," said Steve Steinbrecher, Chief Information Officer of Contra Costa County.
Contra Costa County was the first California County to embrace thin-client technology on a broad scale and they are now reaping the savings from reduced energy usage as well as the significant other economic benefits.
It will enable them to quickly integrate Web apps with R/3 while reaping the benefits of a highly sophisticated management and monitoring tool for their R/3 interfaces.
The lawsuit alleges that certain Oakwood insiders sold over 400,000 shares reaping over $11.
Prior to this decline, the lawsuit alleges that certain Oakwood insiders sold over 400,000 shares of stock reaping over $11.