reap the harvest of

reap a/the harvest of (something)

To experience the consequences of some previous action or past event. You have three papers due on Monday? It sounds like you're reaping the harvest of your procrastination. Our students are unprepared for the workforce, and we are reaping a harvest of lowered standards.
See also: harvest, of, reap

reap the harvest (or fruits) of

suffer the results or consequences of.
See also: harvest, of, reap
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The statement stressed the importance of strengthening the bilateral relations between Egypt and Estonia, adding that Egypt is looking forward to reap the harvest of the European Council meetings, held in Brussels past July.
He also congratulated Dr Sarma for the prompt ratification of the GST Bill by the Assam Legislative Assembly and said that this will pave the way for Assam to reap the harvest of several progressive initiatives undertaken by the Government.
Pages 12-13 GARY Guy, landlord of the Ivy Green at Moldgreen, is hoping to reap the harvest of a PS30,000 make-over at the landmark Wakefield Road pub.
We can reap the harvest of our victory only by forgoing unity and cooperation through trust to march forward.
Since this is the government's proclaimed aACAyBudget of the People', the onus will be on the administration to ensure that the masses are beneficiaries and that it's not the country's elite who will reap the harvest of government patronage.
The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference.
There are plenty of people who do dream about races, though, dream a winner, go to the track, put the money down and reap the harvest of their nocturnal narrative.
The autumn equinox encourages us to reap the harvest of all our hard work, to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to take some time to mark the passing from summer into autumn.
It was us, and now we reap the harvest of all these past successes: The Christian right has stolen our toolkit and is busily using it to demolish the human rights we so laboriously built.
The preamble to Quebec's Declaration of independence affirms that the time has come to reap the harvest of history.
We now reap the harvest of the government's reintegration programs as we recognize and reach out to more returning OFWs who have sought alternative sources of income and increased employability through sustainable livelihood undertakings in their own homeland," Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said.